Keeping It Hot!: Our Adventure in HVAC Installation


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A huge question to ask when renovating a home is how are we going to keep it hot?! A major part of any home structure is the heating and air system. When redoing a house from the 1920s, the home just is not set up for a quick installation of an air conditioning unit.

We went back and forth when it came to the heating and air conditioning. The main source of heat is a boiler system and radiator heat. I got 5 separate companies to look at the existing system to get their advice on what we should do. The verdict from all of the companies was that the heating system was in perfect condition and that we should not remove it. Removing it to add a whole new system would require a lot of labor, plus this form of heat is the most efficient way to heat the house and the most cost effective for the future home owner.

So, the heating was the easiest part to handle. We now had to discuss the AC. When purchased, the house had an AC unit upstairs and a window AC unit in the white brick room was the only way to cool the whole downstairs. The window unit came out as part of the demo because we planned to update the whole unit and why would be want to keep a huge eye sore. (Read more about the demo: Here and Here).

We brought in the preferred company to do the installation of the AC unit in the whole house. Larry’s company was successful at getting through the brick wall around the attic to allow AC in our brand new master bathroom. It does not look like anything has been done to the house, but the new owners will be thankful for the whole house to have air conditioning on the hot summer days. I also spent the extra money to install a heating kit with the AC Units. This way, if the radiators ever gave out, the owner has a system to run air and heat. We would not recommend running heat from it right now because the radiators are a great source of heat! Wow, the future home owner will be so blessed to have this brand new  cost efficient system.

I could never allow this radiator to be taken out of this beautiful bedroom!

I originally was going to sell all of the radiator covers because my plan was to remove the whole system. But, then I saw how much they were selling for and I took a step back. These are beautiful, custom, solid wood and freshly painted to match the whole house trim. (SW Pure White) They add so much character to the home. (Plus, they are a great place for a photoshoot!)

System Installed: HP 2 1/5 Heil system with a 10 year warranty &  1 year labor and parts



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All of these photos were shot by Janine at Jae Studios.

Contact the photographer Janine:
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4 thoughts on “Keeping It Hot!: Our Adventure in HVAC Installation

  1. Cheryl DeLeon says:

    LOVE the shoes Sara! Such fun reading your blog and following your unflagging enthusiasm throughout the restoration. Since I live next door, I also get to watch each step and feel a deep connection to the house. Hoping/praying the new neighbors will be as delightful as you are my dear.


    • sarahkrycinski says:

      Your a new dear friend for sure and I have been blessed by our fun friendship! Thanks for looking after our place and for being there for me! It sure has been a ton of work but I will make sure the new neighbor is amazing or they don’t get to buy the house!!! Deal!


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