Flip or Flip Out: A Boonsboro Home Update

Hello again!

Time for another update on what’s really going on at the Boonsboro house. We are excited for things to keep on rollin’ out and starting to look prettier! There are a few things that may be a little boring, but in the grand scheme of things, you just have to do it.

We did make an Instagram account for Horse & Reins Restoration! It will be all about home design and interior design! Follow us: HorseandReinsRestoration

If you read our last post, you saw that the huge sycamore tree in the backyard was taken down. (Sorry to all of my tree lovers, but it was a hazard for a lot of homes!) We are happy to have it gone! The Lord taught me an amazing lesson during this process.

Permit Party

Getting a permit may be a little boring, so bring your friends!

This week I finally got a permit. (Whoops, you may think I’m crazy, but I finally did it!) I was nervous, but it was such a smooth process. It took 20 minutes at the Department of Community Development. Then, the inspector was there the next morning. With his coffee in hand, I went to meet him. (Because who doesn’t love a warm coffee at 7AM?)

I knew I needed a permit a while ago, but I went to get one because I got some crazy news this week. The exterior back wall was all rotted inside! (If you follow me on social media, you may have already seen some of the footage from this.) So yes, we have a permit now because this wall is being fully rebuilt. It basically happened because the gutter was installed on the house incorrectly when the past owners did the addition of the back room. So every time it rained, the water went down into the wooden wall. When I got the call from my contractor, my heart dropped, but it had to be fixed. It’s slowing down the bathroom construction, but it’s unavoidable. Some people might just put a little band-aid over this issue, but, in the end, it will add value to the house and we want to do things the best we can.

Exterior Wall Rotted


Because we are rebuilding this back wall, we are going to install new windows and doors. We were planning on keeping the existing elements, but with this change of plans, we decided that bringing in the new ones would be a lot more desirable.

Speaking of the bathrooms, there are 3 to update. The master is the biggest project mainly because of its size! We had to go in and remap some of our original designs, but flexibility is key when you are redoing a home! I wish the bathrooms had more progress to update on this week, but the wall rebuild is taking a bit of time.

We hung some lighting this week, including the beautiful art deco light in one of the bedrooms. Its so soft and light looking! We think that it is perfect for this space. The foyer is also well lit now with upstairs and downstairs light fixtures.

Thank you for all of your support in joining me as I adventure in this journey. I love hearing all of your thoughts and I can’t wait to have an open house, so you all can come see it! Fingers crossed that next week we can have some more exciting updates (and no more building delays)!


6 thoughts on “Flip or Flip Out: A Boonsboro Home Update

  1. Michele Krycinski says:

    WOW, that’s a big surprise to have to deal with … but you’re so optimistic so I know it’s going to turn out perfect! Looking forward to seeing the results!

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