Meet Sarah.

Barefoot and fancy free.  That was me.  A toe head, knobby knee, happy go lucky little girl without a care in the world.  I was the second of six girls (yes, SIX girls) born and raised on what was once the largest pig farms on the East Coast.  The familiar smell of pig stench was normal, hand me down clothes were welcomed, and leftovers were sparse.  We had just what we needed and not much more.  My best friends were my sisters and our imaginations were our playground.  To me our world was vast with acres of land to explore.  We played hour upon hour, fashioning play homes out of sticks and stones, creating stores with treasures we would find hidden in the farm burn pile, becoming anyone we wanted to be day after day, a different narrative.  Once we heard that infamous dinner bell ring, we would remember the familiar hunger pangs in our stomach and head in for family dinner.  When we had to be inside we were creating and directing plays and fashion shows, forcing our parents to be our captive audience every evening when it was “showtime.” My world was simple; full of love and laughter.

My Dad, the visionary that he is, propelled himself off of the farm and into entrepreneurship.  He left his inheritance and pursued a passion that he had for historic restoration and created his own company.  He was…IS…a genius.  He could take a “pit” and turn it into a “palace” and he proved this over and over and over.  We moved from one project to the next, each time questioning whether the dilapidated home he toured us through would be salvageable.  Every single time, without exception, he proved all of our fears and tears wrong and we made each house our home, all across Loudoun County.  

By this time, I had found my own voice.  My passion had been turned toward fashion, modeling, photography, and all things beautiful.  A dream to go to the Big Apple had been birthed in my soul and there was no denying it.  My Dad saw this dream and helped me make it a reality.  This was the beginning of my modeling career which then propelled me into a destiny of leadership, fashion shows, speaking engagements, building and renovating homes, retail, and much, much more.  This fancy free little girl had been catapulted right out of her play world into a world of unimaginable adventures and tangible blessings.  

My childhood may not have been filled with electronics, social media, entertainment, eateries, or travel but there was LOVE, and there was creativity, and there was a belief instilled into each of us that we could be anything we could imagine.  Little did I know all of my play adventures and much more would become my reality.  Almost 20 years later, I am in awe of all that my life has become.  I am a child of God. I have an absolutely amazing family that supports me every single day.  I drive a pink Cadillac as an Executive Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I own and operate an online boutique.  I am a competitive runner.  I lead hundreds of women and build them up to become all they can be.  I buy houses and renovate them, just like my Dad did.  The one thing I know deep in my heart is aside from all of this, the best is yet to come.  Maybe a mentor of mine said it best with this… “Sarah’s creativity seems to know no bounds…Sarah is percolating all day long. She has a great sense of responsibility and she will move mountains to fulfill what she needs to do.”

15515793_10154036931457761_1201315525_oThis story/ bio was written with the help of my amazingly talented sister, Jenny. She grew up right alongside me so she knows all about my journey to get to where I am right now! The story may look like it was all easy, but as read more, the story will unfold to show every authentic moment along the way. Trials and storms have come, but God always brings a rainbow.