A Home & Heart Restoration

As you may already know, buying this house was not just a walk in the park. It was stressful, and it really allowed me to rely on God and my husband. One of the most stressful things was this MASSIVE 135 foot sycamore tree in the back yard. (Isn’t it funny how the devil can take something like a tree and allow it to cripple you with fear?)

I was terrified that this tree was going to fall right on the investment we just made. But just like he always does, God has his own timing. I decided to purchase the home and give this issue to God so of course during the legal process, I was just telling my lawyer about this tree in my backyard! He begins telling me that his parents own the house behind my new home, and that they have hated the tree because the amount of leaves it drops every year is ridiculous! I understood their struggle because I paid 2 guys for 3 full days of work to get all the leaves (They filled sixty 60-gallon bags!) Not only are the leaves an issue, but the main problem was that is leaning towards their home. So, they wanted to see if the new owners were okay with chopping it down. Oh, and they were totally willing to pay for the removal process. I know this seems so small, but for me this was just a God story I had to share!

So just like that, the Lord reassured that he hears my prayers. He knew there was a way to take out the tree that did not even involve me having to pay for it. I always believe that his plan is so much better than I can ever imagine. I love that he shows up and shows off in so many ways.

On January 25, the sycamore tree was taken down. To some people, this is just a small event of a tree coming down. But to me, this is a story of God’s divine plan for my life and for this house in general. I have also grown close to the sweet neighbor because of this amazing process and she is making sure to do a complete stump removal, replanting grass and making it look like it did before.

I also wanted to brag on the amazing tree removal company for a minute. Viewpoint Tree Service took the fence down on my property so nothing would be damaged when the huge trunks fell, they had a crane come to pick up all the huge logs that fell. Not only that but he dropped a 135 foot Sycamore tree with huge limbs in a 25 foot radius and hit not one building or damaged a single thing! All the small sticks were picked up and the holes in the ground will be filled in along with the rebuild of my fence! Can you say amazing?! And, the team was super professional and I enjoyed being apart of the process.

Please contact Randy Brooks the owner of Viewpoint Tree Service for any Tree Removal you may have and tell him I sent you! Let’s flood him with so much new business he won’t be able to handle it.

Contact info: (434) 262-2612 / viewpointtreeservice@hotmail.com / Facebook: Viewpoint Tree Service


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