What Makes You a GOAL DIGGER?


The other day, I thought of the phrase, The sky is your playground. It just hit me and I instantly knew that the Lord was showing me a powerful message. I have always been passionate about encouraging, mentoring, and building people into their best selves. God has designed us all with such a specific purpose, and it is in that purpose that we are able to thrive.

Being a Goal Digger is part of my blood. I passionately chase after whatever is laid in my path. Sometimes I think about the people that may hold me back, but then I remember that I need to narrow my vision to focus on who God has designed me to be.

Being a Goal Digger is all about following your dreams and goals passionately.

Back in 2015, I made my signature Goal Digger Shirts for a retreat weekend I had with some of my Soul Sisters who are apart of my Mary Kay team. I wanted to give them a chance to just relax and have time to reflect on their goals for the season. We had a very powerful training weekend full of learning, laughing and lounging together as Soul Sisters! Sometimes life is so busy, we do not have time to discern what our goals for the future should look like. At the beginning of the weekend, I gave the girls these shirts in order to remind them about the time that we had. From that moment, we realized that we launched a movement. So many people were inspired by our vision and have ordered their Goal Digger T-shirts to join the movement! (Wait until the end to see how your story can impact others in their journey!)

I have loved making these shirts to empower women. Since then, I have made many other designs including XOXO, Cheers, She is More, Baseball Mom, & Bride Tribe. By partnering with other Goal Digging women, our movement has hit hundreds of women. Do you have an inspirational phrase that you want to wear during your workout or to your next business meeting?! Let’s make it happen. Chase that goal and make it a reality! People always say “The sky is the limit” but I want to change your thinking to “The sky is your playground”. Be on the lookout for our featured stories focusing on this theme.


You can purchase a Goal Digger t-shirt or hat by emailing me: skrycinski@yahoo.com  (Also email me if interested in designing a custom tee!)

Pricing: Shirt $16.99 / Hat $22.99 / Both for $34.99 (added cost for shipping or free local pickup)


Join the movement!!

Calling all of my Goal Diggers out there! Do you have a story that you want to tell? We want to feature three of YOU on our blog with your inspirational story or message! Tell us how you are digging your goals and becoming your best self. Leave a comment or email to share your story with the world! (The three featured winners will win a signature tee.)


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