Refurbished Sewing Machine Table

sewingmachine-01Who said grown women can’t do crafts? I have recently realized how easy refurbishing furniture is! A lot of people are really intimidated by it, but it really is not as hard as it may seem. You can buy tables like this for super cheap and then you can try to sell the sewing machine that you end up taking out. This is the second sewing machine table that I have refurbished (see my first teal table below)! I wanted to make a video on the process in order to show you how fast it really is.


After I bought these tables, I went to Pinterest (of course) to look up some inspiration from what other people have done. This is one of my favorites:


SOURCE: The Home I Create

Let’s get into the details…

The process is pretty simple and I explain most of it in the video below.

  1. Remove sewing machine and/or side table by simply unscrewing the hardware
  2. Tighten any legs or sides that may be loose
  3. Clean surface and prep for painting
  4. Paint the table (research if you need a primer with your paint or if one is included) for about 2 coats


Keep following my story to see how this is going to be used in a bathroom at the Boonsboro Home. (Check out our blog posts about the home here!)


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