When Your Mind is Saying GO and Your Body is Saying NO


Have you been playing mind games with yourself lately? Have you wanted to start working out and you think about it all day and you never find a chance to really take action?

Stop thinking about working out and start putting those thoughts into action one step at a time!

I want to share how you can start adding fitness into your lifestyle without much effort to see a huge reward. I have always told everyone it starts by baby steps and just like a pregnant woman takes nine months for her body to grow a baby, it will take her nine lovely months to get her body back to where she was before. We can call these COUCH TO MILE tips!

How and where do you even START? These are my favorite tips that have worked for me and will work for anyone at any fitness level.

Be a Goal Diggergoaldigger.JPG

So first things first you have to have a goal and a plan of action first! What is your goal and why are you interested in getting fit? Write down 10 reasons you have decided to be healthy and then you will see what your motivating factors are! Hey sometimes I will work out just so I can feel fine eating the biggest bowl of ice cream and not worry if it’s going to my hips! Silly, but there are so many things that can keep us on the right track towards turning fitness into a lifestyle and apart of your everyday life. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for your journey even if you can run a mile, lost some weight, can wear your old pair of jeans you never thought would happen, run your first 5K, or just to help with stress relief working out will do that for you! I want to say that this isn’t always about losing weight, its about giving you a better life! Look inside yourself. BE A GOAL DIGGER and let nothing stop you! (Order your shirt today so you can wear it as a healthy reminder!)

Get an Accountability Partner

When people ask for my fitness advice, I start by asking them how could they get an power partner or who could they ask to start keeping them motivated on this new journey! Once you find a partner then make a plan of action together. You do not have to have the same goals, but your style should be similar so that you can keep pushing each other.

Personally, I have never gotten a gym membership because for me, going to the gym is so time consuming and could be what really hinders me from getting in shape. I mean you have to drive there, plan the whole day around it and take a change of clothes if you need to go somewhere after! I am used to training outside on a track with pretty conventional workouts that do not involve a lot of equipment. But I know a ton of people who love their gym for a variety of reasons. It could be joining a class or just having a treadmill to run on!

One Step at a Time

You have 24 hours in a day and that means that you can find 3 ten minute increments to allow for some quick, but powerful energy booster exercises throughout your day.

For example, I always do 25 squats 4 times a day whether it’s in the shower, while blow drying my hair or while I am checking my email! You could also take a few quick work breaks and get down and do 25 push ups four times during your day! Even if you do 25 when you wake up, and 25 right before you go to bed and just squeeze in 1 more set of 25 during your whole day! You can do the same thing with lunges, jump ups on stairs, sit ups, and so many other fun workouts to strengthen your body. If you work at an office all day take a pair of tennis shoes and go run up and down some stairs either in your building or outside 3 times a day for 10 minute breaks (call it your bathroom break or go at your lunch hour)!

I have also invested in the T 25 Videos & Insanity Videos because who doesn’t love a quick 25 minute workout and your done! Matt & I started doing these together and we love them! It allows us to connect at the end of the night even though we are busting our butts! After, we reward ourselves with a great protein shake (recipe coming soon).

remember why you.png

Encourage yourself and stay Positive


Fitness is not about being better than someone else….it’s about being better than you use to be!

It is so important to cheer yourself on and keep a great positive mindset along the journey. I would put up quotes (like this one on the right or the graphic above) to have on my mirror or phone. This reminds me of my goals in the morning when I wake up and read a scripture or quote before bed to motivate you to greatness.

Try to sum up your goals in one phrase, and live out that every day. A good friend of mine’s goal right now is to be STRONG. Whether its in work, school, or fitness, she wants to not say no when things get tough. She lives that out by repeating it to herself during hard moments throughout the day. Be on the lookout for my new post about how strong is better than skinny.

“Therefore, whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Remember that accountability partner that you have, take time to encourage them also. Keep them positive and it will have a boomerang effect on you! I believe that staying positive will help give your body a better outcome. Hey, guess what? Your attitude determines your altitude so remember that. Keep up the good work! (Read more about mindsets & goal setting)

Never Quit


When you feel like quitting, think about why you started! Was it to feel stronger, to fit in your old amazing clothes, lose a little weight, get healthy for your kids or husband, kick diabetes in the butt or there are so many reasons WHY you should start and never quit but ASK  YOURSELF THAT QUESTION. If your tired of always starting over then stop giving up! I hope you find this super motivational and you share your journey with me so I can cheer you on!

Reward Yourself

Guess what I like to do as a super fun REWARD? I go buy the cutest new workout outfit or a new pair of shoes when I have reached a goal or I feel like I deserve it! Here is my favorite new outfit I just bought and my shoes have to be my new favorites that I bought two pairs! (I am in the process of writing a post all about my favorite workout clothes and stores to shop at!)


Nike & Victoria’s Secret keep me fly & motivated


Guess what? The best is yet to come…wait until you feel so strong you can actually lace up your tennis shoes and run a MILE without feeling like you have an elephant on your back! I am proud of you and would love to hear your story of success! Train like there is no finish line, but instead make it a lifestyle!


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4 thoughts on “When Your Mind is Saying GO and Your Body is Saying NO

  1. Kaitlyn Krna says:

    I love this Sarah! Your post came at the perfect time. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon so to speak and haven’t been to the gym in over a month, but I’m so excited to get back to my goals of getting healthy. for Lent, I’ve committed to doing something physical every day–whether it’s running, hiking, or just doing jumping jacks and squats.


  2. Kathy Tiney says:

    Wonderful inspirational and motivational tips and advice, Sarah. It helps to take a small bite off of a full plate and less discouraging! I know where to begin now. Thank you!😊


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