Packing Tips + Weekend Outfit Diary

16651053_10211679809812114_1224915281_oStyle has always been apart of who I am. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to NYC to work with a high end designer as an Intern and modeled at a young age. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Fashion Merchandising in order to pursue a future career in fashion. And, I just can’t get enough of it! Every time I get ready for the day, it’s like I have a whole new perspective on my closet!

This weekend, my family went up to Northern Virginia. It is always so fun to go back home to where you grew up! That’s where my parents and most of my sisters live. A piece of my heart is definitely still there. We went to celebrate my niece’s and nephew’s birthdays. I even got to drop my son and nephew off at the community center to play basketball! Man that brought back some memories from my ballin’ days! But with a fun trip comes lots of packing for the kiddos and myself.

Here are some things I have learned about packing and outfit coordination:

  1. Plan your outfits before you leave and try the outfits on! I cannot emphasize it enough to plan well. There are so many times that I forgot a strapless bra or a black cami for an outfit, and if I would have just tried it on, I would have remembered what I was supposed to pack. Luckily, I can normally snag one from my sisters, but still there is nothing like your own clothes and feeling prepared. Don’t just throw a million pieces in the bag and hope that something can come out well.
  2. Separate your outfits when packing. Keep them in separate packing cubes, and even throw the jewelry in there! This makes it so easy to remember what outfits you need. You don’t need fancy packing cubes, you just need some gallon Ziploc bags!
  3. Take pictures of your outfits. Lay them out and take pictures so you can remember what you packed! It doesn’t have to be the prettiest picture, but I often forget what I pack. Also, add a caption to remember if there are any special details about the outfit or when you have to wear the outfit.
  4. Pack for a variety of occasions. I always try to pack one outfit that is dressier just in case we go somewhere nice that is unexpected! You may have thought that jeans and a nice blouse is appropriate for the event, but then at the last minute you hear that everyone is wearing dresses and skirts! You want to be prepared.

These are applicable for a weekend trip, but also very helpful for longer trips with more events planned.

Okay, now onto two of my favorite outfits from this weekend:

img_0002I wanted to have an all pink outfit for my niece, Delaney, because its her favorite color!

I paired a timeless pink pinstripe Ralph Lauren button down with some simple Banana Republic jeans. Then, I added my favorite J. Crew floral heels and my go-to (10-year-old) Gap fur reversible vest for some warmth! It may be a little too early for pastels and floral, but you can rock anything you want!


img_0087This outfit was so comfortable and versatile for a fun Saturday! The jeans are from Express and they are HEAVEN! Stretchy and high waisted with a little distress on the knee adds the perfect attitude to the outfit. I wore this Gap denim top that is super soft, and with a little tuck in the waist, it pulls the whole outfit together. The black boots are Blondo from Nordstrom! Pairing black with black (+ the high waist) really elongates your legs! Lastly, my necklace was a sweet gift from my sisters from House of Harlow! It perfectly tied in the entire outfit!

(We found this amazing background behind the community center at my sister’s friend’s house! We had to snag some pics…the boys can wait!)


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8 thoughts on “Packing Tips + Weekend Outfit Diary

  1. Michele Krycinski says:

    What an awesome idea for packing! And you always look fabulous! That is definitely where I need help and now I know just what to do … I’m usually running so late that throwing everything in and hoping something works is usually my method!! No wonder I don’t have much style!! :> Absolutely love your blog … super ideas! I made your salad the other night when we went to friends for dinner and it was GREAT! Keep up the good work! Love all your ideas! :>

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sarahkrycinski says:

    Michele your seriously the sweetest for being so encouraging to me! I think you are always looking fabulous usually in your favorite pink shirt or a cute baseball cap looks so good on you!! I am so glad you are going to take my tips and it sure will make your life so much easier!


  3. Tara Drott says:

    Late to comment I know but love each outfit and how diverse; preppy yet casual each one is! Really great ideas about packing, traveling too, just recently found your blog but thoroughly enjoying it!


    • Tara Drott says:

      Also especially love how you styled the pink outfit! Just curious but have you ever tried wearing the striped Ralph Lauren oxford but unbuttoned with a tank top or lace cami underneath, or if not is that a look you’d try? Personally love styling oxfords that way for another casual and comfy look!


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