Dropping Weight, Adding Life

My concern is that our generation will miss their destiny because they too busy scrolling through everyone else’s. — Chris Caine

This generation has really been changed by social media. Our entire world is consumed by it. We grew up differently than the generation now. We mesh our lives into each others on social media, and it isn’t all beneficial. Since we are only seeing the part of someone’s life that they want us to see, their highlight reel, we don’t get the full picture.

I have really resonated with the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” People aren’t living their life because they are following up with other people. Don’t get me wrong I love social media, but I want to be following accounts and posting things that are inspiration and can push people forward towards their God given talents and destiny.

You only have control over three things in your life— the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.— Jack Canfield

This past week I was really challenged to change the way I look at my social media. I want to make sure that going on my social media is not going to bring me down. I have decided it was time to go through my social media and take off a few people that have caused me to have thoughts that stressed me out or changed my thoughts in a negative way. I love connecting with new positive people and being around new people, but sometimes people in your past have affected you too much. So, I think that it was time to say, if those people aren’t there for you in the hardest times of life to encourage you, then why are you allowing them to be apart of your highlight reels?

I have a challenge for you, DROP SOME WEIGHT! If you go on social media and you instantly feel down, jealous, or mad, maybe delete that person or hide them from your newsfeed. You should go on social media to feel inspired! Then, ADD SOME WEIGHT! Find some influential people to follow. If you want more scripture in your news feed, follow accounts like YouVerison. I love following Pastor David Baird, he is so inspirational and has really influenced me. For fun lifestyle pieces, I love following my friend Channing Lotten! I originally met her in Nashville and she has amazing content!

THE NEW YOU (2).png


8 thoughts on “Dropping Weight, Adding Life

  1. kkthediva says:

    Yes! I started to go through my social media accounts this past weekend and unfollowing/hiding accounts that I didn’t need to be seeing regularly (or at all!). It’s amazing what that simple action will do for your emotional and mental health!

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