Inside my Boonsboro Home

Hello again, back with the update! A lot has happened this week, we have an actual back wall again. This back wall is up and I am very happy! I’m glad it was pretty nice weather this week as the men were basically working outside on this reconstruction. And today, the windows and the doors will be cut into the back so you won’t locked in!



Photo by Jae Studios





Photo by Jae Studios



So, Nicole and I had an adventurous day at Home Depot the other day. We were looking for materials for the master bathroom. I already have the countertop and the accent tile for the shower. We needed to look for the flooring and the tile for the shower, plus potentially another accent tile for the shower. I knew I wanted some type of wood looking tile that was a light beige tone. So I found what I wanted, but they said they did not have it in the size tile that I wanted. Then, I did another circle around the section to see if there was anything else that was a better fit, and I found the tile I needed on display (which explains why it wasn’t on the shelf).

To execute the herringbone flooring (similar to this) that will make a statement in the master bath, we needed 180 square feet of the floor tiles (or 20 boxes of tile). Their system showed that they had 48 in the store, however, all we could only find 15 boxes in the store and the closest store that had the other 5 was in Roanoke. I was set on going to Roanoke to pick them up because I was in love with the tile, but I really didn’t want to have to spend a day to go out there! The associate was on the phone reserving the Roanoke tiles for me to pick-up and I got the urge to circle the store again.. and way up top was more of my tile!! They bought over the lift and those tiles were mine!


Bring that baby down!!


I had 30 minutes load the tile ourselves and to drive downtown to unload my weighed down pink Cadillac just to turn around to get my real babies from school! Nicole and I learned that you don’t need a workout when you have to go pick up tile!



Buckle up for safety! We don’t want to break these babies!

Once again, thank you so much for keeping up with us! Next week, we are still working on the bathrooms. The mudroom will begin a bit of construction, and lastly, the plumber will be out to work on some things. Slowly, everything is coming together with just a few bumps in the road!

This week we were asked by the Inside Boonsboro Magazine to do an article about the house when it is finished! I am so excited and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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