What’s In Stock?: A Peek into my Pantry

As a mother of three and a wife to a husband with a very healthy appetite, my pantry (& fridge) needs to be stocked at all time or else I will have a hangry crowd around here. Everyone has their staples that they love to keep in their pantry, so I wanted to talk to you about a few of mine.

I love my pantry! I got to custom design it, along with the rest of my house! I wanted a ton of space to be able to see everything and walk around inside. I would really recommend taking the time to create or organize a nice pantry area because no one likes to see clutter on their counters!

Okay let’s get into the my grocery essentials:

Walnuts: If you know me, you know I put walnuts in everything. These are one of my favorite snacks & toppings so you know I have to keep them around!

Feta: This is another one of my go-to toppings. I put this on anything and it gives a great flavor to the healthiest foods. (Check out my new favorite salad with walnuts and feta here)

Coffee: We love this Fair Trade Dark Roast coffee from Aldi! Yes, you heard that right. Matt and I have been Starbucks Coffee lovers forever, but we tried this roast from Aldi and we liked it better! (Retail Value $3.99)

Half & Half: I’m not afraid to have some real cream in my diet. I would much rather have this than artificially flavored creamers. Matt & I love some good half & half in our dark (I mean dark) coffee in the morning. We keep a Half Gallon on hand at all times.

Chocolate Covered Almonds: These are perfect for my sweet tooth. A little bit of sweet but still keeping some protein. I always need some chocolate in the house… who’s with me? These are also found at Aldi and have real cocoa powder in them and don’t taste like chemicals.

Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking & Pancake Mix: This is the best thing that has hit the stores (I get mine from Kroger in the Organic section) for us gluten free bakers. I use it in everything! It is a little pricier, but so worth it for what you can do with it. We use it in muffins, pancakes, waffles and anything that requires flour. (Check out my specialty muffin recipe video here)

Purchase Pamela’s Mix: Pamela’s Website / Kroger InstaCartAmazon

Peanut Butter: This is a go to for our family. Whether it is a PB&J or a great ingredient for a smoothie recipe (coming soon), this needs to stay in the house at all time! I love to eat half a banana and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for an afternoon snack or a midnight snack.

Eggs: For someone who likes to work out and has a fast metabolism, eggs are a great source of healthy fat and, more importantly, protein. I love an egg whether its cooked or hard boiled, you need to keep these in your house for when your stomach is grumbling. ( I eat with an avocado to satisfy my hunger)

Yogurt: I crave yogurt all the time when I’m hungry! I love the sweet and tart flavors mixed together. I love to keep a huge tub of this and some little ones to grab on the go. My kids pack a yogurt in their lunches everyday. If I am craving dessert I grab one of the small salted caramel flavored Noosa yogurts and my craving is over.

Purchase Greek Gods Yogurt & Noosa: Greek Gods Kroger InstaCartNoosa Kroger InstaCart

Lemons: I always have to have these in the house. The kids love cut apples in their lunch, so these are perfect to squeeze on the apples to get them to stay fresh and not get brown. I also use the lemons for some refreshing lemon water from time to time. Lemons are super cheap and keep for a while, so I recommend keeping them around to drizzle on some chicken or as a healthy dressing.

Think Thin Protein Bars: Can you tell that I love high protein foods with nuts? These ThinkThin bars normally have 20g of protein per bar and are still only around 240 calories! I love having these for when I am out and I need an energy boost. It’s great for an after workout refuel to eat less than an hour after working out. Do not be afraid to fuel your bodies with awesome sources of protein!

Purchase ThinkThin: Kroger InstaCartAmazon

What are your essentials? Do you keep some of these items in stock at all time? Jump over to my Facebook Page to let us know what you love to keep on hand.

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