Master Bathroom Herringbone

The Boonsboro Home: Down to the Bones

Happy Friday! Back with another update about what is going on at the house.

Two whole trailers full of old debris is GONE! It’s amazing how the debris piles up when renovating a house! The electrical is all run, and passed inspection this morning. (Check) Between the HVAC and the electrical, we have spent a lot of time & money working on updating the house. They put the windows in the back and its amazing what a little natural light can do. It feels so much better that we have a brand new wall and windows in this room! We opted for the double sliding Silent Guard windows because they are more durable and will protect against weather. Although I like working on more style based changes, there are things that need to be done to make the house great as a whole.


Don’t worry, there’s going to be a door on the back!


On a more fun stylish note, the herringbone tile is finished (grout went in after I took this photo). You may have seen the previous post where I had a super fun time getting this tile from Home Depot. I love the way that this has turned out as one of our first completed styled touches to the house (other than the painting).

Tiles are Marazzi Porcelian Tile in Soft Maple 3×27.5″

Master Bathroom Herringbone

Thank you again for always following along! I love going to the house to see what else is happening and how my vision is coming together.


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