Livin’ on the Edge

When’s the last time that you did something risky?! Let’s just say I definitely got my adrenaline rush this weekend.

Many time there are things in life that happen to point us back to always doing the right thing. This past weekend we went with friends to hike McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Mountain located in Catawba, VA and learned a lesson that will always stick with us!

071aa04f-7437-43e9-b8a1-9e2008bfa24aSo, we drove over an hour to our destination and only to find that we weren’t the only people that decided on a 75 degree weather day they would go on a nice hike. The parking lot was so packed you couldn’t even find a spot anywhere so we saw about 30 cars parked on the side going down the mountain and since there was a sign out saying NO PARKING Matt was like there is absolutely no way.

I thought that was a crazy decision because 30 cars were parked there and where else would we park?

So we drove up and down the mountain and then one spot opened up in the parking lot…thank God! We parked so close that before he backed into the spot with our huge Escalade Hybrid my friend and I jumped out.

b1e6c5ae-6a17-4f7d-8ae8-ce8f58bfe4d6We started our trek to the top with about a million other hikers on this beautiful day to an incredible overlook at the top of the McAfee Knob destination. When we arrived at the top it reminded us of the time we went repelling with Urban Mountain Adventures a few months ago because at the top there was a small tree tucked into the rocks and Holly said that looks like the tree we put our repel ropes on! We all agreed and started taking picture when I am not even kidding you looked over and saw a familiar face on the rocks and seriously it was one of our repel guides from that repelling trip we took months ago! That was an insane coincidence and so cool. So, we said hi and she took our pictures and that was just one of those moments you know was not a mistake. We took some cool pictures of us on top of the huge rocks and started our hike down the mountain to the bottom.

After 8 miles we finally arrived at the bottom only to see about 5 cop cars, 3 tow trucks and almost 15 of the cars that were once parked on the side of the road in the NO PARKING spots all gone.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and felt so relieved to have married a man like Matt who is full of integrity and it was never a question if he would park on the side like the 30 other cars. We were mind blown to see how they were towing every last one of those cars and thought to myself that would be the worst nightmare to get to your car, with kids, and to find it completely gone! I am so glad we were not among those that made that decision to just take a risk and live life on the edge. It is so important to follow the rules even when it seems so much easier and others are doing it to just take the hard road and the right one always. That small decision, that didn’t seem big  would have cost us over $200 and tons more time but, thanks to Matt we jumped in our car and were on the way to get some ice cream and head home to see our three little ones.

Moral of the story: LIVIN’ LIFE ON THE EDGE is not always the way to go!



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4 thoughts on “Livin’ on the Edge

  1. Michele Krycinski says:

    I love this lesson! Matt must have learned from his college days about parking in “no parking” spots! It’s important to learn these lessons because you pass them onto your children and as their parents, YOU are their mentor in life, right?

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    • sarahkrycinski says:

      Yes I know you taught Matt well and have done a great job!! I am sure he was a tough one growing up though…we are dealing with Hunter who is giving us a really tough time these days! Testing our nerves on a daily basis!! I hope he is reading this! JK


  2. Kaitlyn Krna says:

    Love this…so true! I agree with you that even though the path everyone else seems to be taking looks easier, taking the high road and living with integrity is much more fulfilling and rewarding in the end–and can even save you from costly consequences!

    On a totally separate note, the view from the mountain is GORGEOUS–just like you!

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    • sarahkrycinski says:

      Kaitlyn my dearest I love your feedback and the road less taken and the right road will always seem hard but you will look back and know it was the right path in the end!! Hugs to you my friend and you are one full of integrity so I know you wouldn’t have parked in the “No Parking” spots just like Matt!

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