A Partnership is Born

God laid it on my heart two years ago to start a new business when I first fell in love with “The Boonsboro House” . I had a vision that the logo would be designed around a horse and I also love brick so I formed an LLC under the name Horse & Reins Restoration! At that time I knew who the Horse was in the company name, (I wonder who that could be?) but on the other hand,  I had no idea who the Reins part was until now!

godFor the past few months God has been putting things together so that I can finally begin to see his bigger story unfold! I am so excited to be sharing this fun story with you, and to introduce to you my new business partner Betsy Ferguson! She and I have been great friends for over eight years now and have learned a lot about business and about who we can trust.


We have decided to step out in faith and begin a fun new adventure together. This is what happens when you have two visionary women working together for a common goal! I can’t wait to see where all this is going to take us together!

We went this morning to finalize all the new LLC documents with our lawyer Whitaker Johnston at the offices of Patel & Dalrymple Attorney’s at Law. We have both worked with Whitaker on other endeavors before, so he knows us quite well and asked us, “who would be the Reins in this LLC with a straight face”?  We both just sat back and laughed saying well, now we have two horses and who is the Reins? It popped into my mind as I was driving away that since we are both married to steady, reliable, honest, men of integrity we have the Reins part of this organization right there. I guess they are the Reins to us two horses!! Another fun part to this story is that this is the second brick home and they both kind of look like each other!  I am over the top excited to be partnering with such a special friend and powerhouse woman! If you have a house your looking to sell ask us first we may just buy it for our rental company!  I would also say if your looking to rent a super amazing 2-story brick home in a desired location, for a great rate, let us know.  This home will be ready to rent on July 15th! Serious Inquiries only and you can email or call either one of us! More pictures to come!



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