Inside Boonsboro

I was asked a few months ago to feature “The Boonsboro House” in a local Magazine and of course I said yes that would be an honor. I took my time to write an article and to share about the journey of restoring this home for the last 1o months. For those of you who don’t live in Boonsboro, Virginia and get this magazine in your mailbox well here is the article that was written for Novembers Issue Inside Boonsboro Magazine.

Inside Boonsboro

I am so thankful to share my article here with you as well.

I purchased this home 10 months ago, solely to renovate and redesign the spaces for a new owner to fall in love and not have to worry about a thing. I kept the original charm but added a relevant and new design. Horse & Reins Restoration, LLC is our company name. My partner, the lovely and talented Red Sayles, who also lives in the heart of Boonsboro,  was a huge part of this whole renovation. Red is brilliant and gifted in designing homes. We decorated the entire home with every room staged and move-in ready. Matter of fact, for anyone who purchases the home, they will have the option to buy everything inside for only $10,000. Everything can be sold separately as well so if you see something you would like to purchase send me a message and we can meet you or ship it as well!


The custom crown molding and woodwork are original as are the beautifully refinished heart pine floors. These floors are breathtaking and everyone that lays eyes on them falls in love. Signature Floors out of the Lynchburg area, refinished them for us once everything else was finished we did the floors last.


As Far as my style inspiration, I am in love with “Vintage Vogue” style. This style is a mix of “Vintage meets new”, and you will see that throughout the whole house. We used vintage pieces and tied in new designs as well. We even have the best company that recovers our furniture when we have a lovely piece that needs a face lift. Personally, I get my inspiration from clothing and fashion. I love places like Anthropologie and Elle Decor to just name a few. For me, it is all about taking what’s hot in fashion and letting it spill over into your living spaces. Why not, it just makes sense to me. I buy from places like Anthropologie. TJ Maxx, Consignment stores, and friends who have super cool pieces they have collected over the years.


It would be hard for me to choose my favorite room in the house because there are at least 5 rooms I could spend my days in. But, I would have to say the Custom Kitchen is my absolute favorite. When I first purchased this home, the existing kitchen was small, completely outdated and I knew the future homeowner will be one who likes to entertain. I worked with Ideal Cabinets to make this dream kitchen come alive.


I grew up in 1770’s historic homes my father would completely tear down and restore with my 5 sisters and talented mother. My mom would entertain a whole neighborhood. We would always joke that she fed a nation because not only would she cook for her huge family she would always make a few extra meals for families who needed to be blessed. Her heart is always focused on others and I realized at a young age a women’s kitchen would be her domain.  I had to make this kitchen a place where her whole family would make memories and that is what I feel when I am in this place. We recently had a party for Fashion Week and the kitchen was filled with amazing designers and artists, and we were all having fun. The two toned tile really makes the cabinet wall stand out and so many people have asked me where I snagged the tile behind the stove. The truth is I found this tile in Charlotte with my friend Red, and we knew it was the one. The grey tones on a huge entertaining island with fresh light custom cabinets and large doorways with the best window make for a perfect place to be inspired to cook great meals. I love to inspire a chef to stay in the kitchen and create.


We decorated this whole home in 2 days from top to bottom, however, the designs for the renovations took 10 months to put together. I created mood boards with my personal assistant for inspiration and for the design ideas along the way. I would not change a thing about our decorating as every aspect of this home makes me feel complete. We know how hard we worked on every detail and felt fortunate to be able to hire the most amazing talented craftsman around to complete our vision.


Signature Floors 434-420-7244 ask for Maurice

Photography Janine Enold Photography

Boonsboro Magazine November Issue

Artwork Michelle Snydor

Contact me for Staging prices and or a design consultation! 540-449-8490

4 thoughts on “Inside Boonsboro

  1. Gloria M StallRd says:

    Can I subscribe to this magazine (Inside Boonsboro). Moved from Boonsboro after living there for 65years to Midlothian 5 years ago.


  2. Gloria Merritt Stallard says:

    Can I subscribe to Inside Boonsboro? I lived in Boonsboro all of my life until 4 years when I remarried and moved to Midlothian.


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