Timeless Classic


All the Denim Flavors:

With the seasons changing ever-so-quickly, there is nothing better than styling up your favorite pair of denim. October is coming to an end and you can feel the cooler weather starting to hit us. November is that month we change our wardrobe, but never have to say goodbye to your jeans. When it gets colder styling that perfect pair of denim with an oversized sweater and booties (…and booty) makes for that Timeless Classic.


Diane Von Furstenberg Jeans // White Cropped Top 

Grandma’s Closet:

From a vintage pair of Diane Von-Furstenbergs, to a simple chambray t-shirt dress, denim will always be a staple in your closet. If you’re still in search of that perfect denim piece to add to your wardrobe, take a lazy Sunday afternoon and go through your mom or grandma’s closet, you never know what you might find! I recently came across a vintage Levi’s denim jacket from the 60’s that my grandma used to wear during her younger years and have been pairing it with sundresses, skirts and even darker shades of denim jeans- talk about timeless!

Satisfaction at it’s finest,  comes the feeling you get as a fashionista, when finding that perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. Layering vintage denim with something new makes for the perfect outfit. A denim jacket is a go-to staple that makes transitioning through the seasons a breeze. Check out this amazing Vintage Earl Jean Skirt worn with a a button down white blouse.


Vintage Earl Jean Skirt // Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt


Whether it is a pair of vintage jeans, a skirt, distressed jeans or a dress, you can always pull out something jean from your closet and make it work for this season.  Layering up a denim jacket over a plaid-button down or your favorite white tee and swapping out your Chuck’s for those 4-inch heels, denim can take you from day to night.




Jean Dress // Distressed Jeans 

Adding a vintage purse will ultimately spice up your outfit to the next level. All the purses are vintage and can be purchased through my Poshmark.


“Just as you never turn your back on your girls, you always stay faithful to your favorite pair of denim jeans.” Sarah K.




Photographer: @dgsmithphoto / Videographer: @dreamshotzz / Stylist: @sarahkrycinski
Models: @michaelalefebvre, @moriellejunisee, @_ali_cat_326_ @priscilacsmith, Cole Burnett


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