No Excuses

I don’t know about you but my creative side comes to life at night when the kids are in bed and my hubby is watching the news! I just love the peace and quiet where all the demands are finished for the day and I get to relax and reflect on my productive day.


Speaking of News… I was asked to host the Fox WFXR Virginia at Work Segment August 14th, 2017. I get to stand in for my friend Lynda McNutt Foster with Cortex Leadership Consulting. She is so fabulous and I will be sad to miss her on the show but I will try and make her proud and give the viewers some great tips on how important staying healthy is in the workplace.  Monday morning at 8AM grab your cup of coffee to watch me live. Last time on the show I was sharing about “Dressing for Success” in the Workplace and what that all means to an Executive these days. I will be sharing about one of my equally favorite topics that so many successful executives struggle with. You can check out the live segment here!

Fashion and Fitness are my two favorite topics so this fit perfectly with my two loves. How can you add Fitness or be motivated to workout before or after work? My goal is to motivate you and to take away all your hold ups so you will be inspired to implement these ideas into your weekly routine. Staying healthy is so important for not just your body but more importantly your mind. Let’s get you ready for your workout with these tips below.


People always ask me why I run and what motivates me; my response is always that it helps to refocus me, it clears my mind, it is a huge stress reliever, and an energy giver.

If your like me I live a very busy lifestyle and if I don’t plan a weekly workout schedule the days will just get away from me too fast. If your new to working out then start with only 3 days of working out for the week. If your more advanced plan to workout 5 days a week. I always tell myself plan your work then work your plan and you will find success. Sunday night write out a weekly schedule and find out when some classes are at your gym. If your not a member at a gym go sign up. I love my friend Emily Erin Robinson Roeber Barre Class at Kinetix Gym in Lynchburg, VA!

I love putting my running bag in my car and planning a trail run or track workout sometime in my day. Okay so that’s a good point what is in your GYM BAG? Make sure and watch the Live segment to see my new Lodis handbag that is perfect for my Gym Bag Essentials. Go get you one they are on Sale.

Must haves for your Gym Bag

  • Tennis Shoes (my preference Nike or Asics)
  • Running Skort (I love having a skort on it is more professional than a pair of spandex shorts)
  • Spandex Leggings (My Favorite are The Knockout by Victoria Sport Pocket Tight Leggings)
  • Love having my Garmin Forerunner 235 to tell me my heart rate and it keeps a log of my fitness activity so that is like a journal on your arm.
  • My Favorite Sports Bra is the Incredible by Victoria’s Secret
  • Pack of Gum or Mints need I say more
  • Bottle of water or of course my favorite drink pineapple Hint water.
  • A tank top and long sleeve shirt or zip up jacket
  • Pair of socks (I like to match my shoes so if I have black tennis shoes I wear black socks).

Be aware of the daily triggers that will make you not want to work out. Smart things to remember because knowledge is power and you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you will fail.

If your a morning person and you like to get up super early then do a workout before you go into the office. Go on a 3 mile run with some quick push ups, sit ups and squats, pop in an Insanity workout for 34 minutes, or head to the gym. I on the other hand am not a morning person so I like to workout later in the morning or evening when it gets cooler. Be aware of your desired time and stick to that routine. I would say bring a small protein bar like a Lara Bar to eat around 4 so you have enough energy when you leave the office to go workout. Do not go home before working out because once you get home you will find every excuse to not workout. Ex: the dog needs to be walked, your starving and need to start dinner, your laundry is piling up or your hubby is home and says come watch this show with me. Forget it, you will find an excuse so don’t go home first. Be careful not to eat a super heavy lunch like a huge burger and fries because you will feel so worn down and won’t want to go. Make sure and drink a ton of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. I will forever be grateful for my turquoise YETI tumbler with the straw top because it helps me drink lots of water. Remember to have some accountability partners that will cheer you on and help you stay on track!


It’s time to make Fitness Fit your Lifestyle & BE FIT FOR LIFE!


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