Empowered Women Empower Women

 It’s Woman Crush Wednesday & I’m hoping you crush it today!

I had the joy of inviting this amazing Goal Digger over for my recent Coffee & Collaboration Live event last week. We had way to much fun getting to share our thoughts with others on our LIVE FACEBOOK EVENT FOUND HERE….



Emily Erin Robinson Roeber has started her own YouTube channel named Fortified + Fit so go check her out.

Watch her latest video:

She is a powerhouse and I adore her heart. We had way too much fun collaborating and bouncing ideas and passions around in our video. The reason we collaborate is that it keeps us accountable to the greater mission of helping others in a bigger way. Coming together impacts and reaches a greater amount of people as well.  Stay tuned for our upcoming workout and inspiration session with one another.


SK Quotes

Girls compete with each other and women empower another. Ask yourself… are you empowering others to be all they were designed and created to be or are you comparing and being jealous of their lives? It’s important to not look around and compare our bodies, our abilities, or our talents because God only made one you so go live it! I loved the way Emily shared on the video how God’s blessings don’t run out and He doesn’t just have enough blessings for me, but he has equal amounts for each one of us so use your God given talents and shine for his glory. When you stop to look at all others are doing, remember to not compare or judge their journey with yours because you will be distracted and derailed off the track God has you on! Stay focused on empowering your mind and uplifting others around you with encouragement.

I have put together my favorite tips on how to EMPOWER OTHERS and to live a faith filled life daily. Remember actions speak louder than words!


  • Change your thoughts change your life:

Your thoughts are more powerful than you can even imagine so guard your mind and your thoughts because what you think you will be what you become. There was a time in my life I had to take my thoughts captive and only think of things that were truth because the lies I was believing were becoming so real. Ask yourself when a thought comes in to your mind is that truth or a lie? After you figure out that a thought came in to steal your day then replace that thought with truth..

Example: I am not as good as that person she can do it all… Instead tell yourself, yes that’s right you’re not that person and were never meant to be her so go do all you can today for your life and stop looking at what she is doing with her life today.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Just Be You:

There is only one you God created so don’t look around and try to be someone your not. I would say stop watching other’s lives and live your own. The distractions of social media can over take your mind and that is a dangerous place so instead of watching all the live videos (besides mine of course) make your own! Love yourself daily! I don’t mean in a boastful way, but you have to love yourself before you can love others fully. You are unique and there is only one YOU! The world needs our voice and talents so stop watching what others are doing and create your own life and live it! This picture was fun because Emily was like no way I am taking a picture in my sports bra and I was like just do it girl your beautiful. So here we are just having so fun being ourselves.


  • Stay Balanced by Living a Life Full of No Regrets:

Family will always be there so make sure to invest your time and energy in your kids, wife or husband, sisters and brothers because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I have decided it is so important to be at your kids games because your showing them they matter and that speaks louder than words to a child. To be able to drop everything and go sit on the sidelines means more to them than you know. I always catch my girls checking to see out of the corner of their eye if I am watching them. If you can’t because your working or have something you can’t miss then try to make it to the next game. I have been the one who couldn’t attend any events for years because I was building my business but honestly no business is worth it! I can tell you that from experience.


  • Smile Always and Wear a Fun Lipstick Color

Of course, I would say wear a fun lipstick color…if you know me then you know I like to always have some sort of color on my lips because I look tired without it! Smile always because you never know who your blessing with that smile. A smile can brighten up someone else’s day more than you are aware it can. I see people that walk with their head down and never look up…I try to always look up and smile and say hi to almost everyone. A smile can change someone’s life forever.

We were getting paint for my renovation home the other day when my son noticed this guy had huge scars all the way up both arms. He said mom what is that and I immediately said darling he is hurting and we will talk about it in the car, but for now let’s make him feel like a million bucks. We started talking to him and asked him all about his life and we were genuine with our conversation with this young man. You never know how that can affect someone but I bet you he felt loved and important because I told him he was the best paint mixer I have ever met and to keep working hard all his dreams would come true. We didn’t talk about his scars on his arm, but we helped him take his mind off the pain he has and focused on his abilities.

  • Happy People Attract Other Happy People:

This concept is so important to understand. The opposite is true as well so a negative person attracts negative people. I would say that when your a joyful you have a much better outlook on a daily basis. We need faith too! Not just a positive vibe! But in essence, being positive is the same as being faithful. It requires faith to be positive. Have you heard of a Debbie Downer before well who likes to hang out with or be around someone who is always being negative? No one would stay around someone who always talked bad about others, had negative things to talk about, or are focused on negative energy for long. It is bond to bring you down and not lift you up. What you give out to the world will come back to you as well.

  • Stay Healthy, It Will Inspire Others:

I love to stay healthy because it makes me more productive on a daily basis, I have more energy and I smile more often. I like to feel fit and good in my clothes so keep active and workout when you can to strengthen your body. Working out and staying fit also helps strengthen your mind as well because your having to use mind over matter to press past a hard workout or even to tell yourself to get up and start to work out as well! I am not saying you have to be a fit model just make a conscious effort to staying active at least 4-5 times a week even if it is to pack your tennis shoes and walk during your lunch hour or run after work.


  • Do What You Say You’re Going to Do:

Stand behind your word so if your going to do something just do it! I think your reputation is wrapped around your word and doing what you say your going to do. If you tell someone you will help them then do so. If you say your going to start a workout program then stick to it. This worlds is made up of people that will let you down and not do what they say they’re going to do but that doesn’t give you freedom to as well. How do you feel about someone who says they will do something and they don’t do it?

  • Live Outside your Comfort Zone in all Areas of your Life:

Nothing great happens inside your comfort zone so it is time to branch out into the unknown in order to grow. Be willing to take risks and travel to many new places it helps to make the world or community we live in not seem so small! You need to see new places, meet new people, eat rare foods and it can really help you become successful in a much greater way to see how others live and to collect new ideas. Adventure is what I am all about and to seek it out daily to me is the only way to live. Our lives don’t have to be like a Groundhog day and the same every single moment because to me that is way too boring. I like to have freedom to create and live life making new memories and having fun. Embracing change and seeing the good in new things or new seasons of life is the key to living a life of fullness.


  • Letting Go and Letting God:

I wanted to end with this important concept and point. Forgiveness is letting go of what another person has done to you and letting God heal the pain in your heart. Why would you hold onto something that could hinder your life and cause you to be negative, sad, depressed and down! Replace that pain with joy, love, happiness, passion, faith, kindness and gratefulness! When you forgive it is like you unlock the key to freedom. So imagine the person that has wronged you as the one in the jail cell, but guess what when you don’t forgive you’re holding onto the key that locks their cell. Guess what your in the cell with them and instead you can choice to break free and take the key that binds you there and walk away to live a life full freedom. It is hard I know but it is a much better way to live. The choice is always yours.





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