I’m Blushing…

Lodis4I can’t contain my excitement right now. Lodis has forever been one of my favorite purse designers. They messaged me last night saying, “We want to send you an exclusive handbag and a matching Card Case for your Fox News “Virginia at Work” segment on Monday morning.” So, my friends at Lodis are overnighting me this amazing Blush Pink Blair Anita East/West Multi Function Handbag large enough to put your much needed gym bag basics in. It even comes in Blush/Taupe (the one I am getting…eeek my favorite color this season) or a Black/Taupe color. I don’t know about you but I like to look classy when walking into the gym or my bag has to be cute in my front seat because that alone inspires me to workout. Go shop this handbag now because it is on sale!


Guess what if you’re reading this Blog, Lodis is even sending me the Matching Card Case (shown below) as a Giveaway for one of my favorite followers. Share this Blog Post on your social media and tag your friends to be entered to win this giveaway! One lucky winner will get this essential accessory.


Make sure to watch me Live on WFXR “Virginia at Work” Monday morning at 7:50AM. I will be sharing my thoughts on how to add fitness into your busy Executive lifestyle with “No Excuses”.  What workout essentials will you need to have in your new Lodis Workout/ Everyday bag.  What items do you have in your workout bag?





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