Green is the New Black

I have always had a love for all shades of green. When I was little my grandfather, Neil J. Sullivan never went a day without wearing something green, because he was straight from Ireland and a pure Irishman. I used to try and catch him not wearing green and that just never happened. I also have fond memories of my grandmother’s vintage glass wall where there were shelves full of green, red, and amber glass candy dishes and vases. Copper was also something I feel looks so good with green. I have decided when I open my new business there will always be so many different green items you can buy! I even painted my framed chalkboard a deep green. It will have my logo on it right when you walk through the door behind my counter area and the best curved staircase. My business partner, Betsy Ferguson and I just purchased a brand new condo in Forest, VA and completely staged it so that we can offer a fully furnished turn key luxurious experience for people looking to stay for longer periods of time. We already have it rented out for 6 months if not longer and I am so excited to share with you these amazing photos.

Mid-Century Meets Modern

I had the time of my life shopping and searching for the perfect pieces that you will see in the photos. I had a vision of Mid Century meets Modern and for me that meant finding items that were vintage and also adding new to bring the whole place to life. The green theme sure did make this place unique and to be honest I love the feeling I get when I am in this condo. My prayer is that the people that come in and out of our condo will appreciate the small details that were so important to us. If you can see there is pops of green in the furniture as well as in this amazing rug. Even Ikea knows how to pick the best green because we bought their armoire and matched the paint color for our wooden design wall. I know decorating with Black is so in but let me tell you what Shades of green are even better. I will be painting one of my new properties fireplaces a deep shade of green!

Ashwood Manor Designs will have the luck of the Irish and there will always be plenty of Vintage candy dishes mixed with new shades of greens too. I am so blessed to continue to design spaces and the more I design the more it inspires me to do more. If you are looking to hire a designer for your space please reach out and let me assist you with your needs. 

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