Friendship in Design

One of the best gifts that I have been given through my design work has been friendship. Let me share a fun story with you all about how I met my sweet friend Terri. I had the joy of meeting a wonderful women through selling her something on Facebook marketplace. She actually came over and I wasn’t there when she showed up, so I was on the phone with her to coach her on how to get the item and leave money. She was like, “I am not sure about this” and I told her not to worry she was all good. What a fun way to start a friendship on trust, or something like that. She then asked me if I did design work or would help her rearrange her new home and get rid of stuff that she didn’t need any longer. We got together a month later and from the first time I stepped into her home I had a feeling it would be magical. Her space was transformed into a place that reminded me so much of her and what seemed to bring her life. We have grown into the greatest of friends through the process and I can’t tell you how much joy she has brought me through her grateful heart. She always sends me messages telling me she is in love with her whole home and that means so much to me.



Watching my clients fall in love with their new spaces and enjoy them fills my soul. I am so excited to finally share the before and afters with you and I feel like her home is a perfect Serena & Lilly home worthy of a magazine cover.

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