Pineapple Plant

No matter what path you decide to take in life, thirteen years invested in a company sure is a commitment and when that door comes to a close it can be very very hard. For me, last week was that chapter that came to a close. We all know the valuable saying, “when one door closes another opens”!

I love the way God gives you little signs to allow you comfort in knowing you are on the right path. My sign came in the form of a “Pineapple Plant” almost the exact minute I got the call from Mary Kay that my team didn’t hit production two months in a row and they would have to let me go as a Director. I have given them my everything for thirteen long & hard years of service. When the call came in that day I was standing in a beautiful home of a designer I had never met with my business partner in real estate investing. We were in awe of how amazing her work was and how she had redesigned the spaces. She actually just got featured in Southern Living Magazine.

We actually were there to buy her couch, but ended up not buying it and instead there was this beautiful plant on her counter and of course if you know me then you won’t think this is crazy. I asked her if she would sell me the plant and my friend was buying her kitchen table. She said, sure we are moving and I don’t think there is much I am taking because she is starting over. I gave her $25 for this beautiful plant and was the happiest girl ever to add one more plant to my collection.

Why are we so surprised when God is already giving you an even better opportunity just let it go and move on! I decided in that moment so much is coming and my future will be even better than I could imagine because why would he want anything other than the very best for us! I was reminded of “The Design House” and how there are women just like this beautiful designer I met that day that need to be found and their work be seen. I can’t wait to see all God has in store for so many amazing women. The most exciting part is that a false sense of identity was also tied to my last job and that also had to go. I am not a Director, I am a child of God who loves to build others up and guess what I will continue to do so and hoping in a much bigger way.. for eternity!

Do you know what the meaning of a “Pineapple” is?

The Confident one, content with Self, wisdom, strong sense of identity, career fulfillment, with money issues and the ability to draw abundance. I am so excited to take all of these meanings and let God do the work and grow something new. It’s funny but last week my mom was saying each of her daughters reminded her of a fruit and we couldn’t figure out what mine would be until now! THE PINEAPPLE!

4 thoughts on “Pineapple Plant

  1. Martine Benzio says:

    Thanks for sharing with us Sarah! When a door closes, another one will open and I love the Pineapple analogy. Will you be staying with Mary Kay?


  2. Pat Holmes says:

    Sarah many years ago we had Robbie all set to go to Texas Technical Institute already had his apartment rents phones and tickets to fly and one week Aaron came and to us and said Mom and Dad Robbie. doesn’t’ want to go and leave here so Robbie is staying home so he lost the scholarship he had worked so hard to earn. But God never closed a door that another was being prepared to open. Within one week he had a full scholarship from Franzrn’s Ford in Leesburg that paid for his 4 years of college at George Mason and a full time job at Jerry’ s Ford .God will never close the door on you unless he has more in store for you. God is so good sweetie and he will take care of you. Love you girlie❤️


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