Fresh Feels for the New Year

I will start by saying its been a hot minute since I have felt led to write anything or be creative until now! I even struggled with the idea of even renewing my yearly subscription or domain name. The week before I had forgotten to go in and cancel my info so it automatically reset, and so here we are in a NEW YEAR with FRESH FEELS!

If you’re wondering what I have been up to this past year, well all you have to know is that I was basically homeschooling three young adults, navigating this hard season and tons of change while holding down my fort! I have loved every second of the time I have gotten with my three incredible children and wouldn’t change a thing. This year brought our family closer, stronger and we are more thankful for the opportunities and freedoms we still have! Count your blessings because you have the best blessings right in front of you! Don’t miss seeing your children as the best blessings you have been given! Now somedays ask me and I may tell you just kidding. Raising teens isn’t for wimps!

So while this mamma has been SLAYING it at home I have also decided to go back to my first love and that was always clothing, design, buying and styling! What I have learned is that time is never wasted and God will use it all for his glory! Many of you know I was in a ten year career in Mary Kay Cosmetics and for those of you asking.. yes I am still a Director! (They can’t get rid of me…ha) I have loved meeting incredible women through my years in the company and I have that as a side hustle so that I can bless women with my favorite thing to do and that is styling! I will continue in Mary Kay to support my lifelong clients, my family and it has been apart of my life for a decade now! For that I am thankful but now that I am Forty & Fabulous I feel the need to live in my destiny!

Photographer is the best Brett Hartley

It has been so wonderful starting something that was nothing and seeing how God is using me to bless women and empower them through their style! It has been amazing watching God do all the work and I just get to sit back and watch HIM shine! The biggest blessing comes when I get to partner with other women to see them SHINE! My favorite part of my first career was seeing women become leaders and accomplish things they never thought possible! I get to still come along side of women with their style and dress to give them the tools, knowledge and outfits to feel amazing! I have been doing this for years now for women but more behind the scenes however, it’s time to step it up a notch. I love that I can work this around my family and in my home for now!

The services I offer are the following: Style Session in my home or yours, Closet Clean Out, Closet Organizing, Finding that perfect outfit for your special date, event or party! Reselling your unwanted clothing, Live Sales, Story Sales and Putting a Capsule Closet Together consisting of 10 basics every closet needs! (Another blog coming) Contact me at (540) 449-8490 so I can help you!

Follow my Instagram account for so much more! @soulsisters_boutique


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