Fall for These

Life is just peachy these days!

You have not heard from this girl in a while,because guess what I don’t write unless I am excited about something! You better be ready for the best recipe ever! It’s almost fall season and the weather will start to cool off, so this recipe will warm you up and make you feel satisfied,  or at least until you make them again. I have been making a batch once a week these days, because I crave them way too much!

For those of you out there like me who are gluten free then this is the best breakfast or lunch a girl could want! You will even start to crave them and wish you could eat them for dinner /dessert too! When the kids are at school even moms can eat pancakes right? Who says Pancakes are just for kids? Not me!


Thanks to Kroger for always keeping my Gluten Free Pamela’s Mix in stock ( I buy the big bags for $13.99) and for also having this brand new flavor of yogurt on their shelves! I am in love with Greek Gods Yogurt in the Maple flavor and also the plain as well! For pancakes if you want to make them healthier don’t use any syrup on them, because that is where you get most of  the sugar. I just got home from the hardest workout ever at Burn Bootcamp Lynchburg, so do you think it’s smart to refuel with sugar? No, it is important to refuel your body with good healthy foods to restore your muscles and energy! Lord knows I need it these days with everything going on with school starting, homework, making meals and oh having a second to write this Blog!




I sure hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have! I make all four pancakes and eat two the day I make them, and two the next day!  Remember life can be peachy everyday you just have to eat more pancakes!








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