This story is just too good not to share with you! For those of you who know me, this will come as a huge shock to you! We rescued a precious boy from the Lynchburg Humane Society yesterday! His name was Blonco.
benny6I am a firm believer that God sends people into your life for his plan in everything. So my sweet new friend Jessica Oliver moved in about ten months ago and we have gotten to know one another really well, and we say it’s like a little fest because our kids love one another and the husbands have a great time together too! We had just gotten done a workout together at Burn Bootcamp and she said I am heading to the humane society to see what dogs have been rescued lately! Well she is a dog lover and I am not! I had the great idea to ride with her and just go see the little dogs too! The rest is history!

When we saw Blonco he didn’t want to leave our arms and had the best temperament I have ever seen for a little dog. He never even barked once while we were there. The other cool part to him is that he was dropped off on Jessica’s birthday, so I was kind of thinking he would be for her. She talked me into putting a hold on him,  because we were told he was a pure bred Bichon Frise and would not last a day. Of course he is the only one in the place that was $350 bucks and was a VIP. Basically all the others were free or super cheap. Figures I would pick the Louis Vuitton! So this was Thursday and they told us there was another hold on him first, so we would not likely get him, but to go ahead and put our second hold on him in case something falls through! There were even a few holds after mine, so we said goodbye, kissed little Blonco and left. Honestly I thought the first hold would get him but I did pray about it for sure!


Meanwhile, Jessica sent photos of Blonco to Matt, and he said, “I will have to see it to believe it!” He also said goodness, he isn’t that cute and super skinny. Jessica responds and says, “well he does have worms and is a rescue Matt, but he will be the cutest baby ever with a family to love on him.”



That very same day I was driving into town and on Disney radio there was a song that was playing called “Benny Blonco” and I couldn’t even believe my ears! It was my first confirmation that he would be ours! I fell in love with the name “Benny”. The very next day I had gone to a super nice yard sale I saw posted, and not even kidding, there was a brand new faux leather dog bed, and a brand new dog dish so I bought them. My thoughts were, if I don’t end up getting the dog, I can give them to Nana K or Jessica for their dogs. This was my second sign. Then I was supposed to find out if Blonco was adopted by close on Friday, so I called all day and finally got through at around 6PM for them to tell me he was mine if I wanted him! There were a few holds after mine, so I would have to pick him up by 7PM Saturday night! So now the decision was in my hands. I will have to tell you the truth, I really was talking myself out of the hard work it would take to train this puppy! I don’t like my house being peed or pooped in ever by any animal so this would be a tough journey and I knew it! I laid in bed and read all about the breed and kept reading about how hard they are to potty train and they bark all the time. I honestly had decided not to get him that night! I woke up to workout and after I finished I took a trip to see him one last time to say goodbye. I knew in my head that there were other families that would love him so it would be all good. However, when I got there, when he saw me again and he heard my voice he wouldn’t stop flipping out to get to me! I am not making this up as I was at the Humane Society Haley was at home with her precious friend Novalee, asking Matt if they could just go and see what animals were at the Humane Society, because there was bored! She has never asked us once to ever do that! Also, she told Novalee, we are getting a dog today! She never even knew I had been looking. Matt calls me and says guess what we are on the way!  I still hadn’t decided Benny was coming home with us and left, so that Haley didn’t know I was there! I then pretended to show back up and wanted to see her reaction to when she saw Benny for the first time. When she got to his cage, she said, “awe that’s the sweetest little baby ever” and wanted to hold the white skinny puppy! So we went back and he goes crazy when he sees me, and wants only me all the time. While Haley is holding him she looks up and sees a small sign that I guess they had put saying, S. Krycinski has a hold on him till end of day, and she said what is that and why does it have your name there? I then said, “what would you do if Blonco was coming home with us? She literally said it would be my only dream come true! My sweet dog lover Haley has begged me for 10 years for a little dog and I have always said absolutely not!


I literally had the busiest day scheduled ever and had to get home for my sweet friends there were coming over to eat my quiche and walk our property, we have for sale and talk about building a new home on it! So this was not in my plans for the day, plus Hunter was at a friends and Natalie was too and I envisioned them all picking up the dog as a family, but life doesn’t always go as planned! We didn’t even have a crate, dog food, a leash or even a collar, but I had to get home so the dog and the girls jumped in my car and off we went! So the great part is he is fabulous in the car, so he will be picking up the kids with me everyday! My little car buddy! I then got ready in record breaking time and had the best afternoon with my sweet guests while Matt took Haley, Hunter and two of his friends to the park to hit baseballs. What a sweet man always playing with our kids and a million others! He has such a gift for young adults! Haley and her friend Novalee played and played with the new dog! I even asked her mom and my dear friend Jennifer Anders if we could keep her daughter one more night, because she has been the biggest help ever!

benny3So our sweet neighbor Jessica and her family came down just as excited to see their new dog too and give us some food and an extra crate for Benny, since we would be going to church that night and needed him to not pee all over the house, while his parents were gone! So off we went to our church and got home to a cage, with a brand new pillow Haley had put in there that now was ruined with poop and pee all over it! So at 10PM we gave Benny a dog bath with our shampoo and all he wanted was his momma after his bath to snuggle him! So this is actually where we started to realize he wasn’t a Bichon Frise, he was actually a Poochon. Wasn’t that name so fitting after his cage was full of poo! What are you all thinking, is he a Poochon or a mix of both breeds? So, he had a little cut on his head that we put some Neosporin on and while I was getting a shower he snuggled with his new daddy. We all laid in bed even our sweet extra daughter for the weekend, Novalee for one big snuggle party! We must have been there for at least an hour laughing and playing with him! I don’t think I have ever laid still for an hour unless I am sleeping!


Okay so this story is taking forever, but here is another twist on things that I do want to share with you! So last week at All Peoples Church our Pastor said, “hearts in the congregation are being healed right now and for whoever to come up front for past regrets or disappointments to get prayer!”  I never went up but felt like God shifted my heart! I did have a dog when I was younger by the name of Angel, that got shot by a farmer because he was running down their herds of sheep with another dog. The police brought a picture of Angel to our door and my dog was gone! I know for a fact I vowed to never love another dog again, because of the pain it brought me! Well, pastor said it’s time to not live in regrets and the past any longer so I know my heart changed that night even though I never went up for prayer! You can see the fruits here today of how God can do anything in his timing! So now I have the sweetest Benny that loves on my more than anyone else! You should see how he flips out when he sees me and has to jump into my arms! I am not expecting this journey to be easy but it will be worth it! You should see my kids faces! One last cool part, Benny’s birthday is on Thanksgiving and aren’t we just so grateful for him! His papers say he is 10 months!




6 thoughts on “Benny

  1. Jean Nowakowsk says:

    Gave you a word in due season on Saturday. You are going to love Benny. And you already do. Thank you for such a great fun time. You are special! Love Ya! Jean N


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