Valentine’s Day Styled Shoot with FRACTURE


Do you want to hear the way I got my husband to say yes to this Valentine’s Day styled shoot last weekend? Well I don’t think I will be able to trick him into another one anytime soon! No seriously, he doesn’t mind doing styled shoots with me just so we are kissing!



I was asked to be apart of this amazing Valentine’s Day Styled Shoot and they needed to be in our home so of course I agreed instantly, however the issue was getting my hubby to agree. We just wrapped up a huge home renovation and the house sold this past Friday, so that chapter has closed and my hubby just wants to take a small break on starting another one. In the meantime, I got a text from Paul Brunett, who is freelancing for Klint Holland E-Commerce Director with Fracture, asking me if we would be apart of this shoot! It just so happens my husband really likes Paul so that was a good start.

Thursday after our kids were all tucked into bed, I asked if my hubby wanted to see the next house we would be buying to renovate on Monday. If you could have seen his face he turned pale white.  He looked at me and was like what in the world are you for real? I had him really thinking it was happening, so he finally said, “show me the picture”. This is where I showed him the conversation with Paul asking for us to be apart of this shoot. He looked at me and was like for sure I will do that! So give him the worst case scenario and then you will get the answer you need! Okay well now he knows my tricks so won’t be able to use this one again! Ha

Here are some amazing photos from our shoot! It just so happens we all had the best evening together and Paul’s family even came over and hung out till 1AM!! I love how life can be so fun living on the edge and taking each day one at a time! I don’t worry about tomorrow but today has so many fun surprises and opportunities of it’s own!




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