Let’s Build Something NEW!


The Final Chapter has Been Written


As many of you know, the Sale of the Boonsboro house is final and we are over the moon happy to have such a wonderful younger couple moving in to enjoy the updated design and full renovations! This home is nestled in the heart of everything that makes Boonsboro so fabulous! All of these amenities are within walking distance to The Boonsboro Country Club, two grocery stores, a few banks, Starbucks (my favorite), Blackwater Trails (my favorite running trail) and great restaurants including; Isabela’s , The Corner at Rivermont, & Rivermont Pizza!
We received an offer in the beginning of December and accepted because the buyers wrote us one of the sweetest letters you could ever have attached to a contract offer. (Letter below with permission from buyers)


Thank you for considering our offer,

We would like to introduce ourselves-we are Jamie & Alex, newlyweds (one year), college sweethearts, and new to the Lynchburg area. Alex is a nuclear engineer, and I work in real estate project management. In our ten years together, we have bounced around the country- from Boston to San Francisco, Pittsburgh to Newport, Rhode Island. Thankfully, we found and fell in love with Lynchburg, VA and finally feel that we have a place to settle down and begin our family!

From the moment we saw your home, we were in love. It is exactly, down to the pain colors, the home Alex & I dreamed of one-day building. Your eye for design and attention to detail are impeccable; we immediately felt the passion and precision you put into the remodel. That’s one reason why your home is where we want to build our lives together…starting with a puppy once we move out of our rental.

We hope our offer conveys the sincere appreciation and love we have for your home and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. Thank you for such a beautiful opportunity. We promise that your home will be in good, caring hands.

Sincerely & humbly, 

Jamie & Alex

I loved how appreciative they were on every little detail that we did for the renovations! The buyers also wanted to close the first part of January so we agreed. and the journey began to the finish line! What a busy Christmas season we had but made it through. I have had the privilege of meeting the new homeowners and she told me we will be the first to come over to a dinner at their home once they get moved in! My heart feels so warm to have them embrace us with so much love. I also wanted to say thanks to such a fabulous team at Lynchburg’s Finest including Robin Lee, Betsy Ferguson and Christy Knowles who helped make this transaction a breeze. Wendy Lindquist also brought the buyer so we are so blessed she was a key part of this as well! Bless you all for the hard work you did to make all the details come together! We made a great team.

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The number one question I get from almost everyone I see is, “when is your next one, or will you do it again? Too funny, well my response to that question is, if God places one right in front of my then yes I will do another one, but I don’t have any plans at this point to tackle another renovation in the first part of 2018!  We do have two building lots already perked and ready to build on! They are nestled right on Cottontown Road in Forest, Virginia and are a total of 4.6 acres. The land is not on the market, and I would love more than anything to actually build two new craftsman cottage styled homes on the land for a client so if that comes together then we will be building new construction soon! I learned so much about building, who you can trust, and how much work it takes to make something like this come together.  I am forever grateful I took this huge challenge on and got to see it all come together over the past year!

Happy 2018 let’s build something new!



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