New Year Same Me

We hear this all the time: “NEW YEAR NEW ME”, but this year I find myself just excited to say “NEW YEAR SAME ME!” Just throw that statement to the side moving into 2018! There’s so much self-love, acceptance and freedom to claim that you’re doing great and love who you already are, not that you need to be someone “new” or anyone else for that matter. That’s not to say you can’t go from great to BETTER! You can, I can, we all CAN do better. That’s the difference. Let’s look at how well we’ve done, OWN that, and set the bar even higher for a new season. Yeah?  Live the life you always desired and then next year live it again and then again! Make temporary changes that will last a lifetime and create a balanced lifestyle that matches you and your desires. I don’t have a different lifestyle I would like to live, a new diet, a new goal or honestly anything I would do differently this year from last. Not a “new me”. It’s good to set new goals; so YES I will be setting goals for the amount of travel I would like to do this year, the stronger relationship with Christ that I will have, the deeper love I will have for others, the more times I will choose to just rest and be STILL this year! What are your goals for 2018? Should I make a new shirt for this year? haha.



Energy & Influence

We hear all the time how being around the right people can either empower you or bring you down; that we are truly so influenced by others. When you were younger, your parents probably told you over and again, “I like that kid, you should spend more time with them”, OR, “I’m not sure I like that group, please be smart”. We understand later, that mom and dad just wanted us to be surrounded by good people that made good choices and were a solid, reliable influence. “Good vibes and good energy”, as they say it now. As you are trying to better yourself, eliminate stress and drama, and desire to embrace new motivations and grasp new joys…find the people that are doing THAT TOO! Not to say “cut out” the baddies- but prioritize, darling!

Prioritize good vibes, to be a better, but SAME, you. Happy New Year, darlings!




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