Saved by the Bell

This blog makes me feel old! If you were born in the 80’s then you know all about the show “Saved by the Bell” It was one of my all time favorites for sure and I watched it all the time! How does this become relevant now well guess what the BELL SLEEVE IS BACK IN STYLE and I am loving it! Don’t be so afraid of the larger sleeves? It’s just a sleeve!  The bell sleeve top is after all one of the the trendiest of all trends this fall. Now I’m loving this look and you can too with these 3 tips for wearing a bell sleeve top this fall.


 Tips on how to be “SAVED BY THE BELL”

Tip #1:  If you want to wear a bell sleeve this fall but your not sure how to style the look, then here you go. Start off with a 3/4 length sleeve. This length sleeve always give a more flattering look.  Have you ever said look how this 3/4 length sleeve makes my lower arm look fat? Nope never. This dress I chose for a Fall Styled Shoot I organized for Consolidated Shoe Store. I love how the they made a black basic shift dress and added a Folk Feel with the stitching details on the cool sleeve! Of course, add a Lodis clutch to any outfit and your going to always be in style. (Shop my Poshmark to purchase these items)



Tip #2:  The options for styling a bell sleeve are endless because you can wear it as an everyday look or dress it up with a pencil skirt!  But I’m all about comfort and clothing that can be dressed up or down. I found this sweater at Madewell and not only is the color perfect for me, but the tiered sleeves are as well! I wore this oversized sweater with fun sleeves to Thanksgiving and loved how good I felt plus I had tons of room to eat and not feel uncomfortable! Everyone eats too much on Thanksgiving so it’s best to be comfy!



Tip #3: The bell sleeve is such a feminine detail I styled this Vintage Feminine dress with a more classic purse and added a pop of color with the plum heels. This dress is so amazing and can be purchased on my Poshmark closet and the purse is a season favorite found at Lodis. I love the open sleeve that attaches at the wrist and shoulder. Do not miss out on this dress for that fall wedding or photoshoot.

Pink dress headshot

green lodis1

Hopefully, these tips will get you inspired to buy some bell sleeves or any sleeves larger than life. Add a few of these fall trends to your wardrobe ASAP. Just remember the bigger the better!





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