How I Made Over $2,500 on Poshmark

HOW I MADE OVERI discovered Poshmark at the end of July 2016 and I was instantly hooked. I loved the layout and more importantly, I love that people on there understand brands. I have sold a ton of items (maybe a million..ha) on local online yard sales, but its hard because some people don’t understand the value in an item because yard sale sites are based around convenience. On yard sale sites, people see a brand new $200 J. Crew dress and just want to buy it for $15. This was not cutting it for me. I still sell a lot of items on yard sale sites, but those items normally consist of my kids used children’s clothes and furniture items. So, Poshmark solved the problem I was having and I have really become successful at understanding what sells. I am in the top 10% of sellers for Poshmark and I have a 4.8/5 star rating. I also pride myself on a 1 day shipping turnaround time which really makes my clients happy.

I used to sell a lot of items through Ebay, but it just got frustrating. It was hard to search and I felt like the community just wasn’t there. Plus, I did not like that you had to pay fees to post the item. On Poshmark, they do take a percentage of your sales, but it helps to have a free listing. Ebay is too scattered while Poshmark is like Instagram for shopping. It is so easy to search listings and post your own items. Then, when you make a sale, you just print the label that is that immediately emailed and ship the item. It is so easy!

Steps to Success:

Sign up and add some personality to your account.

Sign up for Poshmark by clicking HERE and using the code: NFFCU

The more authentic your account looks, the more likely people will want to buy from you! Add a great profile picture and a little bit about yourself. Below is a screenshot of what my profile/closet looks like. You want to make the people viewing your closet feel like they are shopping a friend’s closet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.47.56 AM.png

Take great quality photos. 

People on Poshmark expect your closet to run like a real boutique. It is important to have one main location where you take all of your photos in order to streamline your profile. I use this tile flooring that is in my basement. It is clean, crisp, & modern. I have also seen some cool photos taken on walls with cool hanging decorations. This is fun also, you just need to make sure you have good lighting and a clear view of the item. Some people have models trying the items on. This is sometimes beneficial, but not always worth the time. For this dress, I would need a very small child to put it on! I don’t have the time to make that happen right now, so pictures on the floor are enough. If you feel like the product looks better on a person, try looking up the original photos used on the website to market the item.

Poshmark just changed the rules and we can add more than 4 photos now (thanks Posh)! So make sure to take photos of tags and material labels to give the shopper a full view of the item. I also like to lay out a few items together and price them separately. (You can see this below with the pink flats) This makes your closet more shopable and lets people know what items can be paired together.

Make detailed descriptions. 

After taking these photos, make very detailed descriptions on the item. If you are taking a photo of more than one item in a flat lay, make sure the buyer knows what item you are going to be selling specifically. It’s important to add measurements for anything and everything that can be measured. Measuring is key for things like bags, pants, and skirts. People are going to comment and ask for measurements. The faster you get back to them, the better. But you won’t always be able to comment right then, so think ahead and add the measurements that you think they will need beforehand.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.38.34 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.37.35 AM


I screenshotted what it looks like after I completely fill out the fields for the children’s vintage dress I took pictures of. It is important to put items in the correct category. A great feature of Poshmark is the search filters. It allows users to find exactly what they are looking for. So it is extremely important to make the category and size very specific.

Brands are also very important. This dress did not have a brand because it was handmade, but most items will. I normally put the brand as the first word in the title. This attracts the viewer to the brand and lets them know what they are getting. A lot of people will search by brand, so including the brand in the title and in the brand category.

The quantity category is important if you have more than one specific item. I use this for my t-shirts in order to use the same listing for multiple sizes and quantities. I don’t utilize this a lot, but it helps when you have multiple items.

Find the right price.

There are a few strategies to use when deciding on a price for your item. First, take into consideration what that item is worth to you and what price it is worth to other Poshmark users. Do a quick search and see how other people have priced there item. You also need to make sure that you are accounting for the percentage that Poshmark is going to take out (the price listed next to “your earnings”).

When pricing your items, make sure that you remember that the customer is paying for the shipping. Normally the shipping is about $7 on items. If you have an item that you want to price at $25, it might be better to price it at $23 so they can think that they are paying $30 instead of $32. The psychology behind pricing is very important.

Poshmark users can offer a price for the item that is lower than the price that you have posted. Usually, this offer is going to be the most interested the person would be. So instead of going back and forth about $2 on an item, I normally just give them their counteroffer (if it is reasonable), and move on. I won’t take their offer if I feel like the item is worth much more or if it has only been up for a little bit.

BundlingAllow bundling.


Bundling is Posh’s term for buying multiple items from one person’s “closet” at the same time. Posh users can always bundle your items and suggest an offer. It helps them because they can pay cheaper shipment. Normally, sellers offer a deal to incentivize people to bundle. When you click your profile, you can click “My Seller Tools” and adjust the discount.


Sharing your posts.

Sharing basically recirculates the post through people’s news feeds that follow you. This can be a very important feature when you have items posted from a while before. For example, since its about to be Easter, I will share all of my dresses that could be worn for Easter. This allows me to predict what the shoppers are looking for and gives them the chance to hop on a good deal. You have to always remember that your selling Nationwide so you can still post Jackets in summer or swimwear in winter because people are in different climates all over.

Get ready for spring by cleaning out some of your old clothes and posting them on Posh! Don’t forget to click the link above to use my code!


Have you ever used Poshmark before?!

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