Spring into Vintage | Buyable Lookbook

There is something about vintage items that really just gets me so excited. It just instantly transforms my whole outfit. Sadly, they just do not make clothes the same way anymore. I wanted to put together a little look book from a photoshoot I did a few weeks ago in my amazing wheat fields in my backyard.


Most of these items are buyable on my Poshmark, or you can email me for personal requests. So click the title of each item for it to take you straight to Poshmark. (I am not sponsored by Poshmark, I just love the site!)

Velvet Schoolboy Blazer J. Crew $119 / Broadway & Brome Madewell Peplum Shirt $15 / J.Crew Necklace $34 / Purse $40

Lorrie Deb Baby Blue Dress $74 / Fur Shawl $124 / Pearl Necklace $15 / Baby Blue Earrings $10

Black Dress $88 / Purse $45 / Necklace $24 / Earrings $10

Mosaic Fur Jacket $124

Pamela Dennis Beaded Dress $148

White Fur Coat $124

Black Short Sleeved Dress $88

I hope you enjoyed looking through these photos and admiring these amazing pieces! I loved the beautiful wheat field pictures that I had another photographer come out and take some more amazing photos so get ready for some more amazing deals coming soon!

If you want to learn more about how to sell your items on Poshmark, read about How I Made Over $2,500 on Poshmark.


Do you have any vintage finds in your closet that you love?

Photos by Amanda Somerville & Heather Parks Turner

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