Art of Living

img_0032I want to take a moment to feature my amazingly talented sister, Casey Lee Robey. This is a photo of all my sisters with our personalized Christmas cow paintings from Casey. We grew up on a farm that at times had over one hundred head of black angus cows, so when she presented us with this surprise gift, my heart was flooded with childhood memories. Not only has her red hair set her apart from the rest, so has her artistic ability. She has been creative from the very beginning. I remember her at a very young age painting at the little easel in our kitchen. As she gets older, he talent is undeniable. I asked her to share some inspirational words with us about what drives her passion for art and here they are…

People often ask me “what inspires you to paint or be creative?”. And I have always felt like I didn’t know the answer. But what I have come to realize is that when God made me he made me creative. He made me passionate. He made me artistic. He made me imaginative. So, my “ why” behind painting is to be as close to the me that God created. It’s literally who I am. That’s why this question has always confused me and I hated that I didn’t have an obvious inspiration or answer. I don’t want to do it for fame or fortune. I do it just to be the me God created and maybe get to bless some people along the way. It comes so naturally to want to create that it doesn’t feel like some big production or need. I am constantly being asked, “why don’t you do it for a living?” Here’s why; the other half to my puzzle (the larger one) is God created me to be a mother. It is my most satisfying role and gift. I have had to recreate how I am creative to incorporate my artistic side. I have become a creative mother, a passionate storyteller, a nursery designer, a master fort builder, the best at coloring in the lines and have been able to use my God given creativity to help shape two little kingdom changers.

“The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.” – Elaine Heffner

In the art world I am not accomplished, but at home, I am. Sometimes I wish I had more time to create and paint but then I remember that with more time to do those things, something else must suffer. For now I use my art to have some “me” time and usually just do it for gifts for family and friends. I know that one day God will show me when it’s time to further pursue the talents he has given me, but for now, I’m blessed to just be a creative momma who sometimes paints.

“Your greatest contribution to this world may not be something you do but who you raise.” -Andy Stanley


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