Brick House Babes

Our perceptions of ourselves quickly become our reality. Who am I? What drives me? Do I like who I have come to be? All of these are subconscious questions that normally leave us sad and upset. But let’s start perceiving ourselves in a different way and expect different outcomes.

But, it is not as easy as it seems. We often want to change ourselves way too quickly. The foundation of a brick house (read more in my last post) is built by layering one brick at a time just like each day we live. So, slowly we add our bricks to the house and we get to choose which bricks we lay and set in place. Remember to have a new mindset as you go into 2017! She’s mighty mighty! Are you??

This year, this is what I am going to focus on and I want you to join me! Every day I am going to wake up and remember how strong I am because of my faith in the Lord. But I am not going to forget that I need his strength everyday. I am going to push into him and allow myself to become the best form of Sarah!

Can I get a little more personal with you? Recently, I have been getting down on myself about fitness and my physique. I haven’t been running as much as I would like to be, and I feel like I am constantly bombarded with girls on social media or in advertising that look amazing. This is the first “brick” I am going to work towards this year: loving my physical body no matter what it does for me. If I don’t go running because my kiddos wanted to play a game late at night, I shouldn’t call myself lazy. If some model has flawless skin, I can’t call myself ugly.

What’s your first “brick” that you want to work on? I would love for you to comment it below. Some powerful things can happen when you put your thoughts into reality.

One thought on “Brick House Babes

  1. ldibble says:

    When someone criticizes me, I immediately assume I must have done something wrong and begin seeking to discover what it must be. Usually, I find I have not done anything wrong. It is just that others don’t like to hear the truth and I bring truth. Or they are jealous of my success and try to tear me down. I need to stop this response and be more confident.


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