A Journey in Motherhood at Christmas

41For any of you mom’s out there, you know all the struggles that come with this season.  If your like me you have 40 people on our list to buy gifts for, and everything has to be done in secret.  I have recently been away a lot at night to shop for my babies and my husband.  Shhh… he probably won’t be reading this (so were good), but I may have snagged him the best present to date…for all those avid hunters, I bought my hubby a Matthew’s Bow. (I may just get the best wife award ever!) The kids just think I’m running errands, but little do they know I’m just trying to be Santa!

I have been working really hard to balance by life and to be a better mother to my children. My husband, Matt, has continually been the rock for our family. God could not have found a better man for our family! I have always been dedicated to showing my kids that they can chase their goals. I want them to know that they can do anything that they could ever desire. But, as I was chasing those dreams, I lost sight of the joy that it is to be a mother. I forgot how amazing it is to be able to do homework with my kids, write notes in their lunch boxes, or to kiss them goodnight. Balancing life gets hard, but it is what makes me love it.

I was motivated to write about this because the other night I had a sweet reminder of how precious it is to be a mother. Natalie (my  youngest) stole Matt’s phone and was texting me all of these updates on what was going on (at least Matt was feeding them).

Even though I love to go out and run errands, I love coming home to my family. It is so important to me to have a relationship with my kids where they understand that Mommy is chasing her goals, but they are even more important than my goals. I promise it is worth it to pour into your children now while they are young and are learning what life is all about! It is so much better for you to teach them what is right and wrong then to let the world shape who they will become! You only get one shot to train up your child in the way he/she will go!

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