Friday Night Finds

Where did we find ourselves this past Friday night? Well you know me by now, I am full of adventure and surprise!


The journey began on Thursday evening, when I came across the most amazing sectional I have ever seen, I knew I had to have it! My husband walked in from a very long week of work,  and I had cooked a super amazing meal. (all part of the plan) The way to his heart is by good food for sure! He is a Financial Advisor with Scott & Stringfellow so at the end of the work week he is ready to relax all weekend. I made sure to feed him and let the food settle before I popped the fun surprise about buying a new couch! Just what my husband would want to do right when he gets off on Friday evening! NOT!


He was so funny, because he said, “what are you about to ask me, I already know you have something up your sleeve”, that’s what fifteen years of marriage does to you! I can’t get away with anything, he can read me like a book! I said, “honey what do you think about driving to pick up a beautiful sectional couch tomorrow after you get off work”! Here we go again, he says as I show him the most magnificent couch made by Edward Ferrell from the Ferrell Mitten Collection!


It is made of pure golden velvet and every detail is just over the top amazing! The color was perfect, the size was just what we have been looking for, the tufted ottoman was even included! The good thing is that we both have the same taste, so when he saw it, he was beyond excited to snag such a good deal! The couch was in Charlottesville, VA and a very nice lady was selling it because they were downsizing and weren’t going to take it with them. The value of this designer sectional was well over 17K however, we paid no where near that amount! I can’t tell you how much fun I have finding deals, especially ones that will be apart of our lives forever! This is a lifetime couch in mint condition! We already enjoyed making memories with friends on Super bowl Sunday sitting on this couch! We borrowed my friends trailer and on the road on a Friday night we went! It was worth the drive and adventure for sure! 



Do you know what this means, we have our really nice leather couch set that includes a leather couch, oversized leather chair, & leather matching ottoman for sale all for only $599!! Who wants our other set! Still has lots of life left in it! Contact me for pictures if interested!





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