Step up to the Plate

Baseball season is my favorite season and it’s right around the corner. I have a secret I want to share with all of you baseball moms, dads, players, and coaches! If you know my family then you know baseball is our life all year long my son enjoys getting better at his game! He takes private hitting and pitching lessons and played travel ball with the Dirtbags last summer and fall! He also has the opportunity to play for what I feel is the best program in the state! Liberty Christian Academy is a top notch program and has developed many DI athletes! With all that being said you know that baseball can be very expensive from the uniforms, travel, and the equipment needed to perform at your best! My son always asks for a brand new bat for Christmas and this year he wanted “the goods” made by DiMarini so we bit the bullet and added that to his list! The bat cost $350 and is something that you hope will work but if not your stuck with it! I feel like we just snagged his last bat only six months earlier for him, to now want another one. It’s just like when the new cell phone comes out your teenager wants the newest model! I know your thinking well they can’t have everything they want but the truth is bats are expensive and you need the newest technology and materials for the greatest preformance! Every athlete deserves to use the best equipment.


The days of buying brand new bats left and right are now over.  Thanks to Bat Club USA out of Miami, FL,  they offer a monthly membership subscription your athlete can take advantage of for him or her to have the greatest results. Bat Club USA has created a cost effective alternative to purchasing a bat. With their low cost monthly subscriptions, every hitter can step up to the plate with confidence knowing they have the best bat for them. With exit speed and velocity being so important in your batting stats this will allow your game to be at it’s best! The best part is when you sign up and get your bat you have 90 days to demo the bat, and if for some reason it isn’t the best bat for you then you can switch it for no cost to you. Now that is amazing and worth it for sure. Along with the subscription they also sell gear as well on their website.

The best part is that you won’t have a million used bats that end up being worthless in your garage after every season of baseball. Also, if your bat cracks, becomes dead or is defective Bat Club USA will be the one to handle the warranty issues instead of you. Talk about taking a potential headache away from you!

Check out their blog post to read more….




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