Think Outside the Box | My Custom Home Tour Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my home tour!

I love talking about this because everyone always asks me about details in designing their homes and why I designed mine in this specific way! If you missed part one, check it out by clicking here! My father did design this house, his company is New Life Builders out of Lexington, VA!


The Upstairs

It is so great because I got to design my upstairs layout with my kids in mind. I have one son and two daughters. My lucky son, Hunter, gets his own room with his own bathroom attached. My two girls, Haley and Natalie, each have their own room with a Jack and Jill bathroom between. All of our closets have custom built-ins to maximize the space! The kid’s closets are pretty small, but with shelves on two of the walls with a staggered height they can fit a lot in there!

Hunter’s Room:

Haley and Natalie’s Rooms:

I also thought it was important to keep the shower and toilet as a separate room to the girls bathroom. When they are both in there or if they have friends over, its nice to close the door when someone needs to use the restroom or to shower. Then people can still use the sink or do their hair in the other room.

Our Master Suite:

We are in love with our master  bedroom! There are so many great features to it! After I walk through our french doors, I can instantly feel at home. Our room just feels so serene, plus we get a gorgeous look out of our huge windows to the backyard that is filled with trees. It overlooks 6 private acres and I honestly will not be covering my picture window ever since no one can see in! It is such a nice little escape. If you have ever been at my house you will also find out it is the absolute best selfie location ever!


My closet is attached to the room and is filled to the max (I even have some space in Matt’s closet). Once again, the built ins help so much to fill the space. Matt’s closet is attached to the bathroom which works perfectly for him. Right after he gets out of the shower, he can pop in there and get dressed.

Our bathroom is pretty large, and this is because its not just a space for us, its a space for our kids! The girls love to shower and get ready in here! Once again, having an enclosed toilet room is key for privacy. I love our bathroom because there is tons of storage and places to keep things tidy.

The Basement

As I mentioned before, our basement is a fully finished walk out basement, so it is almost just like our second living room! We have this amazing sectional that is, once again, at an angle! Our basement is pretty spacious because 2 of the 6 bedrooms are down here. This is perfect for when we are hosting guests because there is also a full bathroom downstairs. Part of the basement is already prepped to add in a mini kitchen (coming soon), we just haven’t had the time to tackle that project yet! This is where lots of competition indoor basketball takes place. (Go check out the recent video here to see the fun taking place.)


We love having a nice sized guest room downstairs for when all of our loved ones come to visit! We live far away from all of our family, so we love when they come into town. It is important for them to have a nice place to stay while they are here!

The Outside

Making your house a home from the inside out was so important for me! I love my amazing front porch and back deck because we make the best memories there! Enjoying fresh air is so great in the morning or even after a long day! Amazing landscaping done by Kanett Contracting out of Lynchburg, VA

Thank you for coming on a mini-tour of my house with me! As many of you know, I do have an in home boutique, Soul Sisters Boutique, that you can always come to shop around and just chat about life! I would love to see you here!


What are you favorite house features that you couldn’t live without?!

If you are interested in building your own home, you’re in luck! I purchased a piece of land that is ready to be built on to design for the perfect family! It is 4.6 acres and is technically 2 lots, so two people can buy to build or one family can buy for a larger more private property. I can sell it to you for no real estate fees. Please contact me if you are interested in visiting it!




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