Peace of Mind

Living a peaceful life even in the busiest of seasons can be hard at times, but I think a key aspect to finding peace is having time just for yourself to regroup and get refreshed! Mind over matter is what takes place when you force yourself into a regimen and allow for alone time! For me that is my time running or working out! I carve out a special time to get my mind clear and my thoughts aligned with the truth! I have loved being apart of the Burn Boot Camp community and working out with some of the greatest women each morning! We are there to uplift and support one another not just in our workouts but also in life!






I can vaguely remember back before I had kids, (it is a slight blur) but at least I know there was an endless amount of time to do whatever my heart desired every second of the day without distractions. Then along came children and my time is now not my own! I still have freedom and joy it just looks different. It is important to not become selfish and take too much time for yourself!



Balance is everything so I even incorporate my healthy activities with the kids lives: for instance I will run at one of their practices instead of sitting and watching a practice! I go to all the games so a practice is fine to not always watch every move they make. We will also go jump on the trampoline together, play kickball in our cul-de-sac, go on a hike,  ride bikes or do a little 20-mintute workout video together. You will be surprised your kids just want attention so add them in on all the fun too! They need to stay healthy as well and move around!




Our bodies were never designed to stand still, we were created to move around and use the energy God gave us!



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