Ready To Go Back

I have been silent for some time now because we enter in and out of  seasons and this past month has been a season of rest. We have to learn to embrace the season we’re in and to try not to rush through it without capturing what it is teaching us. I was able to have a mini getaway with my husband and a close couple of ours to sunny Florida! Matter of fact, we traveled to some of the best beaches in the United States, found in Siesta Keys, Florida. Siesta Key Beach was named the No. 1 beach on the Gulf Coast by TripAdvisor. I am going to share with you where we stayed, some of our favorite places we ate at, and how amazing this place really is!

beachThe amazing part about traveling to Florida from Lynchburg, VA is that you can jump on Alligiant Air for a super cheap non-stop flight out of Roanoke Airport! Right now they’re having a sale in June for $52 one-way flights to St. Pete, FL! Hurry limited seats available with travel leaving Sunday morning and coming back Thursday morning! You fly into St. Pete, FL and rent a car so you can drive about an hour to Siesta Keys, Forida!

Let me tell you all about our rental car realities! So before our trip, I booked a fast and fun convertible, because it seemed perfect to have on our beach trip! Top down and time to cruise the beaches, RIGHT? We landed at the airport and went right over to the Alamo car rental counter to pick up our convertible! The nice lady behind the counter was checking us in and asked if I wanted to upgrade to an even better and faster convertible and of course we answered yes, because it’s vacation! She looked up and asked us, “is that all of your luggage?” I said well, yes of course we surely needed 2 large suitcases each for only 5 days at the beach. Does that sound like anyone else? She said,  “I hate to say this, but I don’t think you will fit in the car you picked out.”  I said let’s just go see for ourselves. We walked outside to see the hottest Red Convertible Mustang sitting there for us, only to find out not even two of our bags would fit in the back! So back in we went to get a more realistic vehicle. Well at least it wasn’t a minivan RIGHT! The moral to this story is pack lite and you will be able to drive in style!




We booked our first AirBNB house called Casa Junonia, and it was even better than you can imagine! We showed up to a huge box of homemade cupcakes that we enjoyed everyday! We had our own pool, and the house came fully stocked with beach towels, chairs, bikes and so much more!




It was on the same street as the house in the show Siesta Key on MTV. MTV Cribs had just come out that Saturday to video the annual summer party that they have on their property!




When I travel with my husband we always eat way too much because he is such a foodie! So we landed and started eating and never stopped the whole time! The very first place we ate for dinner was Siesta Key Oyster Bar! I ordered grouper bites, oysters on the half shell and crab cakes! Best grouper bites and ranch dipping sauce I have ever eaten! The cool part was our waiter had just started working there and had moved from my hometown! He actually worked at Magnolia’s at the Mill in Purcellville, VA and knew my sister Casey Robey! Small world! You have to go check out this place because the walls are all covered in dollar bills!


skob1 We had the privilege of going out with CB’s Saltwater Outfitters owner and my husband’s friend, Mason on his personal fishing boat for a fun filled day on the water! We fished, saw dolphins, and docked the boat for lunch at Dry Dock Waterfront Grill, where I ate the best fried lobster tacos ever made! If your in the area you need to go rent a boat from CB’s they are the best and will go over and above to make your day amazing! This was by far our favorite day! You have to go see all the houses on the water, they are larger than life!



We ended the trip with the best fish dinner I have ever had at Owen’s Fish Camp. I hope you book your trip to Siesta Key, FL because we will be going back every year!






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