The Soul Behind Soul Sisters Boutique

Soul Sisters Boutique has always been in my soul from a very young age. I was never afraid to try something new and to be different. I know how important it is to create your own style and I love that I get to help women and young girls create their style. Finding what works well for other people, makes them feel special which is priceless.


Growing up in a house with 5 fabulous, fearless, and beautiful sisters, we learned to have our own style. The rule in the house was that if there was a tag on it, you couldn’t borrow it. Let’s just say we all kept the tags on our clothes! Each one of us had our own style, which may be why I love so many different pieces of clothes from totally different styles. I love for my boutique to embody so many different types of women so that they feel loved and cared for. I have pieces for all ages even children’s and men’s clothes! Handbags, home décor, chalkboard signs, gifts, custom designed T-shirts, Vintage finds, jewelry and you just never know what you will find. Items are always moving in and out of my store so it will never be the same experience each time you come.

Soul Sisters Boutique is a place that you can find name brands (I went to school for Fashion Merchandising so I know labels) and get a great deal. My favorite thing about having an in-home boutique is brightening my clients day. I never want to pressure them to buy anything that they don’t love. You can sit and drink some coffee with me, then shop around and see what you may like to buy. It’s a shopping experience like nothing else!

Everyone creates in a different way, some love to paint and others are great musicians. My favorite way to create is through my wardrobe. Style is my favorite way to express who I am.

Here is a little sneak peak into one of my two closets! Now back to my Boutique….

Some of the items sold in my boutique are not mine and I am selling them for clients. If you have some amazing pieces, I would love to see if we could feature you in the boutique.


I also believe in the power of words and how one single phrase can change your perspective on the world. Over time, I have designed multiple graphic tees that are all for sale if you contact me or click the links for Poshmark!


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You can find Soul Sisters Boutique on Facebook and Instagram!

Other options to shop Sarah’s closet are to schedule an appointment (540) 449-8490 or to go shopping in her POSHMARK CLOSET!




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