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Life is all about divine appointments. One of those God moments for me was when I met Zasha. We ran into each other the minute that we had gotten off the plane on a Top Trip to Hawaii we had both earned with the same company. We were inseparable and  I knew we would be encouraging each other for the rest of our lives.  I don’t know about you, but its hard to find women to lift you up. Zasha has exuded that quality time and time again.

As many of you know, we just went on the trip of a lifetime to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Little did I know, God used one of our adventures to remind Zasha about His love and provision. We went on this vacation because there Boss Babes needed a break and wanted to make some more amazing memories together.


Read along and walk through Zasha’s adventure to the top of the mountain.

The VIEW is always better from the TOP

“You can’t change the past, the future is a mystery, today is a gift and that is why they call it the present” said the man at the bottom of Mount Solmar. 

As profound as that sounded in that moment it did not yet make sense, he ventured on to share whether we were interested in taking the yellow path for the climb ahead, or the orange path which would lead us up a more difficult, adventurous, less traveled road.  As you approach Mount Solmar up close, it appears much bigger than if you are standing on the beach looking at the mountain in the distance. So naturally for me in my mind it was a no brainer, yes, I’ll take the yellow path please. It kind of reminded me of the song I would sing often as a child from the Wizard of Oz, follow the yellow brick road… The words immediately spoken from our friends Matt and Sarah, and, of course, my husband, Andrew picked the orange route!  My stomach immediately dropped on the inside, as the anxiety and fear of the unknown began to set in.

Easy come easy go, we have all heard that saying before…It seems like everything we truly want in life is on the other side of fear, why does it resonate so strongly within us and keep us from enjoying life’s greatest experiences?  This is where I found myself on the side of the mountain, I desired so deeply to go to the top and yet I found myself frozen in fear as I made those steps I knew I would enjoy it once I got there, but then would also have to face getting back down.  Sometimes it’s experiences in the past that bring us to look down, when we should only be looking up to where our help comes from.  So here I was stuck in the mindset of either turn around and go back, feel like a failure, or look up, and take a step up one at a time.  I began taking one small step after the other.  Ii did’ t help that I wore the wrong shoes for the job, so be sure if you’re going to go mountain climbing, you may want to consider real tennis shoes versus cute Converse lol.  Step after step, rock after rock, breath, after breath, I continued to climb. Of course, my professional mountain climber friends were way ahead of us, and there my sweet annoyed husband chose to follow behind me so I would feel safer, and more confident if I was to slip. 

“Look up, look up, keep looking up”…silently coaching myself. Seeing ahead of me a clearer path from those who were going before me, and the voices of my friends saying, “You got this,” built belief in me to keep trying.  God intentionally places people in our path that we can look up to to build strength and courage with the gifts and talents he has imparted in them!  I just chose to borrow their belief and encouraging words that I really could do it.  Did I feel I would pass out at times, yes, but inside each of us is an overcomer!! God made us to be more and to do more, so He can use our life struggles and examples to help build up others.


In this moment, I was reminded of a passage I had read on the plane from the book Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. “When you release that thing, when you let it go, that’s when you’ll hear the notes between the music.” So, I began releasing the fear, and listening to the music of my spirit guiding and directing my steps, they became more harmonious and fulfilling as I was arising closer and closer to the top. 

Finally, I did it, I took those final few scary steps and made it to the top of Mount Solmar!  Opening my eyes first to see the Cross, and memories flooded my mind of everything I have been taught about the Cross.  To lay it all before Him at his feet. Then turning in circles only to stand in awe of the most incredible views I had ever seen.  Breathtaking at every turn, the overview of the City of Cabo, the gorgeous teal endless stretch of the Sea of Cortez, and behind me the ferocious sounds of the deep blue water of the Pacific Ocean.  I realized now what the man at the bottom of the mountain was speaking about.  When your Soul and Spirit Reignite, you truly can enjoy and focus on the present moment. Mountains have always been wrapped with mystery, and experiences and as it speaks of these stories in God’s word. Mountains are often reported as places for powerful, personal encounters with God!  I truly had a peace come over me and a flow through my body as I had never felt. Here is where I released the past, won’t look to the future, but will continue to choose daily to enjoy the present and no longer focus on being perfect.  God will equip and prepare me for the next chapter of my life. I could now chase it with total comfort knowing my God’s got me even in those difficult steps on the mountain, and the most difficult moments of life I will go through, He will be there to love me and guide me, His Daughter, just as He will be there for you!

The view truly is better from the top, enjoy your mountain top experiences and LIVE in the present…

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free..png

We can learn so much from our dearest friends. I hope that this story touched your heart, and what I would love for you to do is to get real with some of your closest friends. Talk about the last time you both pushed one another to be a better person, or a time you had fear cripple you and how you started to push back the fears and live in truth, or talk about your future goals. It is so important to be intentional with each other! Fear can be so crippling, but when you voice those to other people, the fear is faced with truth. You can’t live in Fear and Faith at the same time. The choice is always yours will you push past the lies and fear that are not reality or will you choose to live by Faith and have a much better life full of opportunity. This is the truth that sets us free, like we learn from John 8:32. It is our friends that push us through the hard times and let us see past our obstacles.


Share what the Lord has been teaching you!

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