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All I can say is that you all need to book a trip like this one! We could have stayed in a luxury resort and paid a ton just to stay in Cabo, but instead we stayed in remote places that had really great prices because they weren’t tourist traps!

Boss Babes Trip to Cabo

As you may have seen from my Instagram, a little over a month ago, my husband surprised me with an amazing 15 year anniversary trip to Cabo! This was totally unlike him to set it up, and this is why it made it even more special. Of course, he planned our trip with one of my best friends, Zasha and her husband!

Let’s get into the details of our trip…


Matt and I flew early in the morning out of Roanoke to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Cabo. It was crazy that in a day we could go from the backroads of Forest, Virginia to the beautiful beaches of Mexico!

We found each other at the airport, and we instantly changed into our Boss Babes tanks! (Exclusively designed by us) After meeting up with Zasha, her husband, Andrew, her daughter, Savannah, and her boyfriend, Jeff, we drove the suburban that we rented and set out on our adventure! The Road Less Traveled is always worth it!


These were the roads we were driving on! Can you see how we got stuck?

Our first stop was Buzzard’s Bar & Grill for lunch and a celebratory drink! I had the perfect paradise meal, coconut shrimp, and a margarita. This was the best place to go to as our first destination. It really got us ready for the rest of the week and adjusted to island time!

Little did we know, our adventure would be getting a lot more interesting after this meal. We ended up getting stuck on the beach in our huge Suburban. So, we had to find some locals to use a dog chain, a rope, and a water truck to help get us out of there. We were all pushing the car and it was definitely a workout! I mean like I really helped at all! I love our faces in the pictures below.


We spent the rest of the day on the beach and we stayed the night at Vidasoul Resort in Boca de la Vinorama. It was so beautiful and we were the only people there!



We started our second day with a relaxing walk on the beach (I would like to say it was a run, but I would be lying). We talked about our passions and even got to do some yoga! It is so important to have some relaxing time in the morning because then we had to get back to our adventure!


On this day, our main plan was to go snorkeling! We saw some amazing fish in the water. The coolest part was on the boat we saw a mother and a baby humpback whale swimming together! Our tour guide says that it was a rare sighting, so we were so excited that we got to see it so close to our boat. We also saw lots of sea lions catching some sun and swam with them near us in the water!

Photo Apr 02, 2 31 57 PM

After the snorkeling, we ate at the Cabo San Lucas Beach Front Resort restaurant for a quick bite. We then drove into Cabo, checked into our next condo, spent the rest of the day hanging out on the beach, and booked our messages for the next morning. For dinner, we ate at The Office! This was super significant since it was the last day of the March and normally we would have both been working till 2AM in our own home offices.. instead we were together relaxing on month end. We were celebrating the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one. I had another perfect paradise meal of red snapper and guacamole, plus margaritas!



We decided that we had to go back to The Office for breakfast because dinner was so perfect. You have your bare feet in the sand, eating breakfast, in a bikini, and listening to waves crash…um so perfect! I had eggs, guacamole, fruit, toast and a Green Juice smoothie (kale, spinach, kiwi & pineapple!


Then, we went over to this roof top over looking the beach for our massages. We just went to a local place, these massages were cheaper than they are in Lynchburg! We all got a 60-minute full body and the best part was you could just hear the waves crashing as you got all of the tension out.


We went into a bit of a massage coma where all we wanted to do was just lay out at the beach for the rest of the day. We also had some refreshing mint sparking water mojitos!


How could you say no to this face!

The cutest little Mexican girl came and sold us these handmade wooden toys for the kids!

It was so nice to have a relaxing day, because we had to get ready for the most amazing dinner I have ever been to. We went to eat dinner on the side of a cliff. The Sunset Monalisa was such a beautiful place where we got to watch the sunset as we were eating! (If you plan on going here, call ahead and book your reservation! Zasha had planned this in advance.) There was even a beautiful wedding taking place so we got to listen to some amazing live music with our dinner! I ate steaks cooked on lava rocks and we enjoyed the beautiful night on the side of the cliff.



After our amazing night, we woke up and grabbed the best fruit smoothie in the city of Mazatlan at Jugos y Licuados El Amigazo. I got to add in whatever I wanted and it was only $1.50 in American money! I wish we had smoothie places like that here! I added bananas, coconut milk, yogurt, amaranth seeds, oats, almonds, pecans, pineapple, and a dash of Mexican vanilla (I even brought some home to cook with).

We then ate $2 tacos at the best little local dive Mano Pa carnitas for a late breakfast! After exploring a little more, we went back to lay on the couches at the Sur Beach House before our trip on the boat.

We heard that it wasn’t a trip to Cabo unless you saw The Arch! The best way to see it is to go on a private boat tour then get dropped off at lovers beach for an hour! We had such a fun day exploring and learning about the history of this location.

Photo Apr 02, 2 28 59 PM

For dinner, we went to a fish restaurant at the marina. We relaxed and watched them make homemade guacamole as an appetizer. We had coconut shrimp and tuna sashimi for dinner. Plus, we tried a local favorite and had shots of tequila with orange slices and cinnamon! After our refreshing dinner we went dancing downtown for two hours (the only workout I did the whole trip)!



Guess where we went back to for breakfast?! Yep, a $1.50 smoothie was calling my name after a night of dancing. We also had to fuel up because we were planning on going on a hike to the top of the rocks to overlook the whole city. We learned a lot that day about perseverance and living in the present (blog post to come). But, it was the most amazing view and so worth it!


Look at that amazing view!

After the hike, we walked around town and snagged some cool gifts and candy for my kids! We also stopped by a local medicine shop to pick up some Retinol-A & skin brighteners (perfect skin here we come).

We needed a refreshment after the hike, so we went to the best little local ice cream shop. I got an amazing ice cream pop chocolate dipped with coconut sprinkles and vanilla ice cream inside!


For our last lunch, we ate at Gardenia’s where I had the best shrimp salad ever! It had avocado, shrimp, broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, toasted sesame seeds, green peppers, tomatoes and the most incredible dressing ever, plus a mango margarita!

We spent the afternoon walking on the beach with my new suit I just bought from a boutique in Cabo and walked up for another 75-minute massage on the beach! Heaven! They must have had citrus orange essential oils that smelled amazing and made us feel so refreshed.

We booked dinner our last night at Peacock’s, which was the neatest Moroccan/Anthropologie themed restaurant with the coolest turquoise door ever! I ate roasted chicken with mango sauce and an amazing oven roasted pizza for an appetizer while sipping a coconut mojito! Dessert was a chocolate lava cake and strawberry flan that we all shared!



This was the last morning that we would wake up in Mexico! We, of course, got another smoothie (surprise, surprise), and we headed out to the airport!


I was so thankful that I got to go on this trip! This Boss Babe needed a break! We got to totally immerse ourselves in a different culture, and just experience life in Mexico. If you are going to Cabo, check out some of the links for the places we visited or talk to us even more about our trip!

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