Last week, I was a model for an amazing designer. Trevena is the designer and creator of the brand Stella Chic. I knew Trevena years ago before her journey in fashion had taken off. God has brought us back together at a Starbucks where I was meeting my contractor. I asked her about what she had been up to recently and she told me her vision for her line. God instantly gave me the words of encouragement that she needed: LIVING THE LABEL. It instantly connected with her.

Fast forward to a few days later, we were shooting in some of her designs at the Boonsboro home. Even though it is no where near finished, it was a great place to shoot in the semi-finished places.

In my time of knowing her, she has been going after her dreams. She isn’t waiting for everything to get in line for her to make a move. Trevena is from Jamaica and she has been designing since a young age. It has always been a part of her. She knows to do what she loves regardless of what people say.

Watch this video…

Like I have mentioned in the past, I love the idea of empowering women and empowering them to chase after their dream. I have been mentored by my mother, Jill Melton, Red, Jenny (my sister), and Zasha Levee. I only hope that the Lord can use me to empower others. I consistently ask the Lord to bring people into my life so that we can become greater as a whole and closer to the Lord. The steps you take towards the life that God has for you are steps closer to the Lord. #LivingtheLabel is about becoming the person that God has designed you to be.

At this point, that is what drives me. It is amazing to see any woman to release themselves from these shackles of fear and to accomplish something great. This has become my mission. Think about it, who can you be impacting? Is it your neighbor or a woman in your Bible study? Do you see the same person at the gym every day? Let them know that they are loved and help them reach their dreams!

“Mentoring is fueling someone’s desire by focusing on their strengths. Loving and lifting a person through this process is the key to empowerment.” Sarah Krycinski



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